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30 Killer Spots for Beer in Boston

“Crawl” Your way through the city’s best suds.

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Boston Beer Loses Its Edge

Sales of craft beer have slowed in the last few quarters, and Boston Beer has been hit particularly hard.

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Video: Beer! The Musical!!

It seems only fitting to promote New York beer…with a musical!

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Modern Times Beer Expanding Distribution Northward

Interview with CEO and Founder of Modern Times, Jacob McKean, on the expansion of the brand northward.



Breakfast Empanadas

This beer-tastic take on an Argentine delight will wake your senses right up.


Onion Beer Soup with Cheese & Herb Toasts

The secret behind this soup, besides the beer, is to cook the onions long and slow for a deep colour and rich flavour.


Raspberry Wheat Ale Pancakes

Twisted Pine Raspberry Wheat Ale brings the delicious flavor of raspberries to your pancakes and provides the perfect fluffiness from the beer’s carbonation.


Beer-Pickled Jalapenos

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, we all have beer on the brain. Sure, Mexican lagers and taco parties might be on your mind, but we recommend kicking that up a notch with homemade beer-pickled jalapenos. They’ll give your celebration just the right amount of heat.


Grilled Hawaiian Burgers with Teriyaki Beer Glaze

Grilling season is coming up and this is a definite fan favorite.


Summer IPA Panzanella Salad

Summer IPA Panzanella Salad. It’s a salad with bread & beer! It’s the best. SO good!

Tap into the local beer scene #DrinkLocal with JustBeer

Celebrating and supporting local beers and breweries is important. #DrinkLocal will keep you in touch with local beer culture and events.

  • Browse the local Beer map
  • Save a buck with deals & sales
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Beer Banter

Beer Banter

VIDEO: Beer Hockey With Drake and Jimmy Fallon

There’s nothing more Canadian than hockey, Drake and BEER!

Industry News

Industry News

Kona Sued for Deceptive Advertising

Is the beer really brewed in Hawaii?

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The Effects of Legalizing Pot on the Beer Community

Ready to swap beer for pot? Many Canadians will be, once it’s legal.

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Guy Downs 13 Beers During Speedy Half Marathon

As if jumping into a half marathon on a whim weren’t a questionable enough decision, Emmet Farnan, a senior engineering student at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, found a way to make things even more difficult for himself: He decided to drink a beer at each mile marker.

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Matching Food with Wheat Beer

Hazy-hued wheat beers are aromatic, fruity and bold enough to team with strong-flavoured savoury dishes. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

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What is Wet-Hopped Beer?

Confused by the term wet-hopped in your favourite beer’s description. This article will explain exactly what it means, so you can just sit back and enjoy!

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Beer Styles: The Ingredients (Part Three: Water)

In this third part of this series on beer’s ingredients, we will look at water, the largest single component of beer. As much as 90-95% of a beer can be water, yet it is easily the most overlooked constituent.

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How To Sound Like A Beer Expert

Master a few basics, and you’ll know more than anyone else at the bar.

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How To Taste Beer Like a Pro

When analyzing a beer, you can’t just swill it down, burp and say “it’s great” or “it’s crap.” And, even though tasting is an individual art, there are a few steps, which if followed, will take your beer tasting to a blissful level.

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10 Beer Names You Might Be Saying Wrong

Sometimes you just start a habit and it sticks, so make sure you are saying the names of these beers correctly and avoid an embarrassing craft beer faux pas when out at the bar.

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Celebrating German Beer Day

On April 23 1516, the Reinheitsgebot or the German Beer Purity Law came into effect. How do Germans celebrate this grand day?

For The Craft Beer Industry Everyday is Earth Day

Many craft breweries have environmental policies and practices in play everyday. Here is what some of our favourite breweries are doing to h...

5 Beers to Drink on 4/20

Celebrate the world’s largest unofficial holiday with these tribute beers.

The Best Beers For Not Getting Fat

Good news, beer lovers: You don’t have to choose between your love of finely crafted ales and your dream of totally swole abs.

25 Essential Craft Beers All Beer Lovers Must Try

Whether you’re new to craft beer or just looking for something you haven’t tried this non-comprehensive and unofficial list is a good start,...

5 Beers You Should Be Pairing With Your Leftover Easter Candy

What’s the best thing about the day after Easter? Why, all the drastically discounted candy, of course! Enter any drug or grocery store and ...