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Maritime Craft Breweries List: A Guide and Directory to Canadian Beers

This is your resource for Maritime breweries listed by location! If you’re heading out for a beer in any of the Maritime Provinces of Canada these are the craft beer breweries you should check out.

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Homebrew Con 2017

Thousands of Homebrewers Gather in Twin Cities for Three-Day Conference and Expo

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19 People You See at Every Beer Festival

Beer festivals are an inescapable part of the Craft Beer Lifestyle at this point. Your GABFs. Your Dark Lord Days. Your crappy beer festivals that you went to anyway because they were better than, well, not drinking. Once you’ve attended a few of them, you notice the same types of people appearing again and again. Like these fine people…

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Ballast Point Boycott Tied to Support for Congressman Paul Ryan, Trumpcare Fight

A boycott of Ballast Point products is being pushed by groups in Chicago as part of a campaign of resistance to the Trump administration’s hurry-up plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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Hop, Skip and Go Naked

Traditionally, Hop, Skip and Go Naked is made with a case of cheap beer, a fifth of bottom shelf vodka, lemon-lime soda, and lemonade frozen concentrate. Here’s a different take on the popular cocktail.


Spent Grain Thin Mints

These spent grain mint cookies are even better than the Girl Scout cookies. Make them and earn your badge in deliciousness!


Pale Ale Cheez-It Crackers

These pale ale cheez-it crackers are the perfect picnic snack!


Guinness Jello Shots

Throwing a St. Paddy’s Day bash?! This is the perfect treat that all your guests will love!


Perfect Beer Pies for St. Paddy’s

Bake some delicious beef, Guinness, and mushroom pies. PERFECT for St. Paddy’s Day, or for the hangover after.


Irish Apple Beer Cake

This cake pairs best with your favourite dark beer.

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Beer Trend Watch: East Coast IPA (NEIPA)

Last year’s trend was sour beers, this year moves from sour to bitter… “bitterish”.

A History of Beer and Chocolate

CBC beer expert Matthew McFarlane joins Sheryl MacKay on North by Northwest to discuss the weird history of beer and chocolate

Quebec (QC) Craft Breweries List: A Guide and Directory to Canadian Beers

This is your resource for Quebec breweries with over 100 breweries listed by location! If you’re heading out for a beer in Quebec, Canada th...

Why Do We Drink Green Beer On St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s day is known for drinking green beer, way too much Guinness, partying with friends and calling in “sick” to work the next day....

VIDEO: Sierra 30th Anniversary Video Series

2010 was Sierra Nevada’s 30th anniversary as a brewery. They had a yearlong collabo-celebration with the trailblazing brewers who helped tra...

Top 50 Breweries of 2016

Brewers Association releases top 50 breweries of 2016

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VIDEO: Beer Fails

Although it is extremely sad to watch beer being spilt, we hope these funny fails help get you through the rest of your week.

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Sip, Sense and Savor

Tickets on sale today for America’s Premier Craft Beer & Food Pairing Event which is returning to the District of Columbia.

Beer Drinking In Canada

Here’s a quick look at beer consumption statistics in Canada and other trends within the industry.

Stone Brewing Makes Beer from ‘Toilet Water’

Would you drink beer made from toilet water? The brewers at one popular brewery in California are betting you would.

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VIDEO: Thinking of Getting Beer Certified

You know so much about beer, but this certification means you really know your stuff. Think about making your beer knowledge official with a certification course.

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Does Dye in Your Beer Affect Flavour? The Green Beer Experiment

We were at the office having a discussion about St. Paddy’s Day, when someone announced, “green beer is awful, it tastes like CRAP!”. So we asked the important question…does it really?!?!

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VIDEO: A Surprising Beer & Food Pairing

This video not only has some interesting facts about beer, but a very surprising beer and food pairing. Watch the video to find out.

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Beer Styles: The Ingredients (Part Two: Hops)

In the second part of this series on the ingredients of beer, we will examine hops, the additive that provides an assortment of flavours to beer.

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Shari’s Berries Beer & Dessert Pairing Guide

Whether we’re unwinding on a weekend evening with friends or at the end of a long work day, many of us love to kick back and relax with an ice cold beer or a delicious dessert. Or both. Because we’re all about the sweet life, and treating our friends and family, and ourselves. But what goes best with an IPA? Or a porter? Key lime pie? Dipped strawberries? Shari’s Berries pairing guide has all the answers. Check it out below.

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5 Tips for a Better Beer Festival Experience

Pro tips for getting the most out of your festival experience