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VIDEO: 9 Beautiful Ways to Chug a Beer

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VIDEO: How to Make Your Own Beer Flight Paddle

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A Diaper & Beer Party AKA Baby Shower for the Dad

Is your buddy going to be a daddy? Don’t miss out the fun that a baby shower can be for you and the boys. Plan him a Beer & Diaper Party.

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Six New Beer Festivals Coming to Chicago This Summer

Last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel was reading an article about Chicago’s beer industry when he was struck with a thought: We have a good thing going — but not enough happening to promote it. Here’s how the city, along with the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild are working together to promote Chicago Craft Beer.



Tortilla Soup with Beer

Let your soup get a little drunk so that you may have more flavor. The hops in beer are a delicious addition to classic tortilla soup.


Beer Brownies

The traditional pairing is cookies and milk nothing calls for milk more than a decadent, moist brownie. We think you’ll agree. Perhaps go wild and pair with a Milk Stout! Best of both worlds!


Black Velvet – Beer and Champagne Cocktail

This is a specialty of the Public House at the Venetian, but you don’t need to head to Vegas to enjoy it. Now you can sip it in your own home.


Chuck Wagon Beer Brisket

This beer brisket will have you running lock, stalk and barrel to the Chuck Wagon.


Hefeweizen Mozzarella Bombs

While you can’t taste the beer in this recipe it is responsible for keeping the dough light and fluffy. Thank goodness for unsung heroes!


Chocolate Guinness Mousse Cups

Chocolate Guinness Mousse Cups For Two are a fun yet decadent dessert for adults. If there’s one thing that makes stout beer even better, it’s chocolate.

Tap into the local beer scene #DrinkLocal with JustBeer

Celebrating and supporting local beers and breweries is important. #DrinkLocal will keep you in touch with local beer culture and events.

  • Browse the local Beer map
  • Save a buck with deals & sales
  • Explore local breweries
  • Attend special events
  • Find places serving craft beer
  • Check out local beer news

Beer Banter

Beer Banter

Follow-Up Walk-in Fridge Commercial

Industry News

Industry News

Canadian Craft Beer Industry Has Room To Grow According to Molson Coors Canada

Craft beer has runway to grow in Canada, despite U.S. slowdown, says Molson Coors.

Industry News

Fake Brews – “Once Were” Craft Breweries But No Longer Are

With more breweries like Wicked Weed aligning themselves with global brewing entities such as AB InBev, the lines of authenticity are blurring, and its getting increasingly confusing to discern who is an authentic craft brewery and who is not…

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Anheuser-Busch InBev boosts spending in an effort to counter the booming craft beer trend

The world’s largest brewer plans to invest $2 billion in its American breweries. $500 million will be spent each year from now until 2020. Budweiser, AB-InBev’s largest brand has seen declining volumes and a falling market share since 2014…

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Build Your Own Beer Cellar

Looking for a great summer DIY project? Why not build yourself a beer cellar.

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Your “American Craft Beer Week” Barroom Cheat Sheet

Understanding that this is American Craft Beer Week and that you’ll probably be out drinking every night of this week – we thought we’d arm you with just enough interesting beer stats to ensure that you’ll look like a craft beer genius at the many events you’ll find yourself at this week.

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Introducing The Humble Belgian Pale Ale

When your favorite beer is hard to find, the solution is…brew it yourself. Introducing Belgian Pale Ale and for you homebrewers a great recipe to test out your finesse in the brewing basement. Good luck!

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Choosing the Perfect Beer for Your Tastes

The number of beers you can find in grocery stores is almost endless. From Bud Light, Pabst to microbrews—the bottles stretch out in every direction. So, how do you know which one to choose? Whether you’re just starting out in the world of beer or looking to refine your pallet and find beers you truly savor, here are some tips on how to choose the right beer for you.

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How to Host a Mother’s Day Beer Brunch

Hosting is hard work, but then all the benefits, love and praise are yours. It is especially worth it when you see that loving glow on your mom’s face. Ok… part of the love and gratitude is for you and the other part is for the craft beer. We think you’ll agree to share the limelight!

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How To Introduce Your Mom To Craft Beer

This really could be about how to introduce anyone you love to craft beer, but since Mother’s Day is coming up we thought we’d focus on mothers.

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Introducing Brussel Sprout Flavored Beer

On the heels of the recent craze surrounding Rogue Ale’s Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, Declan Brewery has introduced a new lager with a surprisin...

The Wedding Beer

Getting married this summer, but beer is more your style than wine? This beer is the perfect beer for your wedding.

10 Great Canadian Beers for People who Love Light Beers

Whether you live in Canada or are planning a beercation up there these beers are not to be missed. Added bonus for Americans with the exchan...

The Killer Cobra Beer Challenge

It’s dumbest challenge to hit the internet since the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Seriously…don’t; just don’t…

Global Brewers’ Strategy

To say that beer is experiencing a transition period sounds almost like an euphemism. Beer markets are becoming extremely difficult to read ...

Beer-Tastic Gift Ideas For Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and whether your mom/grandma/other female figure is into beer already, just getting into it or you wa...