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Brewers Association 2017 Beer Style Guidelines released

The Brewers Association has finally released their 2017 Beer Style Guidelines. Download them here!

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Bitter Beer Face: Keystone’s Funny Light Beer Commercial (Meme, GIF, & Video)

Not sure what Bitter Beer Face is? We’ve got your back…

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10 Beer Films You Should Watch in 2017

These are all independently produced craft beer films focusing on the industry, culture, and growth of craft beer in America.

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Cyber Security for Breweries: How to Stay Protected

The world just had a big, cyber security breach causing crazy panic around the globe. Here are some measures you should think about to protect your brewing business.



Caramel Apple Beer Bread

Damn this bread for being so easy and far more than worth the “effort” it takes.


Beer Battered Fish

This is a great beer-battered fish recipe, and is very easy to do.


El Ayudacal – The Pacifico Beer Cocktail

This will bring the delicious flavours of Mexico right to your doorstep or patio more likely.


Home Brewing: How to Make Kombucha & Kombucha Beer/Ale

What is Kombucha, how do you make it, what does it have to do with beer, and why is this super food getting so popular? Everything you need to know about this fermented drink and it’s antioxidant-rich, probiotic qualities…


Blackened Beer-Brined Chicken Breasts

You can grill something (perhaps accidentally) until it’s so blackened and beyond edible-looking that you think it won’t be fit for anyone but the dog. But when you tentatively slice off a piece, it turns out to be absolutely perfect. This recipe for beer-brined chicken is a case in point.


Tortilla Soup with Beer

Let your soup get a little drunk so that you may have more flavor. The hops in beer are a delicious addition to classic tortilla soup.

Tap into the local beer scene #DrinkLocal with JustBeer

Celebrating and supporting local beers and breweries is important. #DrinkLocal will keep you in touch with local beer culture and events.

  • Browse the local Beer map
  • Save a buck with deals & sales
  • Explore local breweries
  • Attend special events
  • Find places serving craft beer
  • Check out local beer news

Beer Banter

Beer Banter

5 Trump-Inspired Beers to Ease Your Political Pain

Specialty beers crafted for all of those hardcore Donald Trump fans.

Industry News

Industry News

Vancouver Mural Festival adds to the art of craft beer

Past attendees of Vancouver Craft Beer Week, a multiday celebration of locally made brews that culminates with a tasting festival featuring 100-plus breweries, may be familiar with the fete’s three pillars of music, food, and beer. But for its eighth annual iteration this year, the event is introducing a new component, thanks to a partnership with the Vancouver Mural Festival.

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Five reasons to take part in Vancouver Craft Beer Week

In the beginning, Vancouver Craft Beer Week was a modest affair. Just 100 people at a one-day festival in 2010, but now it’s huge and here’s why you should be a part of it.

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Win a trip for two on a Belgium to France Beercation Cruise

DRAFT Magazine & Brussels Airlines are giving away a cabin for two on this Beercation Cruise and Brussels Airlines is providing round trip airfare for 2 from NYC to Belgium!

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A guide to aging beer in hostile environments

Don’t dump ’em: A brew that’s sweet and boozy fresh could become great, given time, so age’em. Not sure where or how to do that? This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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What is a Hallertau Hop with Jim Koch from Samuel Adams

If you’ve seen the Sam Adams commercial with founder Jim Koch plunging facefirst into a handful of hops, it’s probably Hallertau Mittelfrüh, a hop of such legendary aroma that Koch once took out scratch and sniff magazine ads with its distinctive scent.

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VIDEO: How to Make Your Own Beer Flight Paddle

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What is a Beer Flight?

So many things on the beer menu sound fabulous…not sure what to get? Try a beer flight.

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Build Your Own Beer Cellar

Looking for a great summer DIY project? Why not build yourself a beer cellar.

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Your “American Craft Beer Week” Barroom Cheat Sheet

Understanding that this is American Craft Beer Week and that you’ll probably be out drinking every night of this week – we thought we’d arm you with just enough interesting beer stats to ensure that you’ll look like a craft beer genius at the many events you’ll find yourself at this week.

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Pairing Beer and Popcorn

Sitting down to watch your favourite movie with your favourite popcorn? Add your favourite beer to the mix.

Splitting Hairs: Craft vs Independent vs Small Brewer

In the craft beer industry there are many terms that get thrown around a lot and sometimes you just aren’t sure what they mean. Here are som...

A Diaper & Beer Party AKA Baby Shower for the Dad

Is your buddy going to be a daddy? Don’t miss out the fun that a baby shower can be for you and the boys. Plan him a Beer & Diaper Party.

Introducing Brussel Sprout Flavored Beer

On the heels of the recent craze surrounding Rogue Ale’s Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, Declan Brewery has introduced a new lager with a surprisin...

Pairing French Desserts and Beer

Beer and delicious French desserts say “Oui, Merci!”

The Wedding Beer

Getting married this summer, but beer is more your style than wine? This beer is the perfect beer for your wedding.