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Home & Away Surpasses Old Town Average

For those of you headed to San Diego this is a neighborhood pub in a touristy area and well worth it.

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Alberta (AB) Craft Breweries List: A Guide and Directory to Canadian Beers

This is your resource for Alberta breweries with over 50 breweries listed by location! If you’re heading out for a beer in Alberta, Canada these are the craft beer breweries you should check out.

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VIDEO: Beer Plumbing Prank

We’re not quite sure if this is a prank or a gift…

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Lapping it up with Christina Ricci and Blondie

An homage to dying your hair, early NYC punk, and Blondie’s Camp Funtime T-shirt

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Beer Soaked Grilled Cheese

Yes, you read that right.


Banana Beer Bundt Cake

This is recipe if perfect for when you find yourself with overripe bananas!


Brown Sugar Beer Cookies

Beer sugar cookies! The perfect Valentine’s Day treat!


Spent Grain Waffles

Whether you are a brewpub or a home brewery this is a delicious way to use your spent grains instead of wasting them and throwing them out.


English Porter Chicken Tikka Masala

Instead of ordering take out tonight, try making your very own Indian dish with your favourite porter!


Stout Oyster Chowder

This stout, oyster and bacon chowder celebrates the classic beer and food pairing of stout and oysters with a little bacon thrown in for good measure.

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VIDEO: Zen & The Art of Craft Beer

Chad Henderson of NoDa Brewing talks about turning your passionate hobby into your dream job.

A Beer Box of Chocolates

Fair warning: today is Valentine’s Day. But before you run like the apocalypse is on your heels to the nearest drugstore to get a dusty box ...

VIDEO: How Craft Beer is Disrupting Traditions

Fascinating TED Talk from Brussels and like all Ted Talks it makes you think. What do you think? Let us know and maybe we’ll publish your op...

Would You Drink a Lumpy Beer? People Living in China 5000 Years Ago Did!

Researchers have discovered a 5,000-year-old beer recipe by studying the residue on the inner walls of pottery vessels found in an excavated...

Chatting with Zoei Thibault of Olds College Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Program

The Olds College Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program is one of the country’s leading programs of its kind and students come...

What Made Me Get Into Reviewing Craft Beer?

“The Craft Beer Movement” is something that has been growing for sometime. People wanted different things, and brewers wanted to think outsi...

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10 Beers To Drink On February 14th

Here are 10 beers to sip on that will ensure this is your best Valentine’s Day yet!

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Steam Whistle’s “Ultimate JUNO Experience” Contest

Celebrate the Junos with Steam Whistle Brewing

Is Beer Worth the Time for the Crime?

Alleged beer thieves busted by tracks in snow.

Enjoy By 02.14.17

Looking for that perfect beer to have with your boo tomorrow? Stone Brewing has got what you need.

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JB University

JBU > Introductory

How to Learn What Beer Styles You Like?

Like everything in life practice makes perfect. And that goes for beer as well. If you are new to the beer world and especially the craft beer world you may never have realized there are so many styles. How do you choose?

JBU > Introductory

8 Great Food Pairings for Stouts and Porters

Even though there are obvious differences between the two types of beer, dark stouts and porters tend to match similar types of food.

JBU > Advanced

How To Use Spent Grain in the Kitchen

Is spent grain really spent? Or can it be used to create exciting products and develop a new revenue source? Homebrewers and Brewpubs this one’s for you.

JBU > Intermediate

Beer Styles 201: Double/Imperial IPA

What do you get when you take the intensity of a Russian Imperial Stout and an IPA? A Double IPA (Imperial IPA), of course! Learn more about this fascinating style.

JBU > Introductory

How to Chill Your Lukewarm Beer In Minutes

Next time you need an ice cold brewski right away, try this! You can thank us later.

JBU > Introductory

How To Describe Beer Like a Pro

This article is a quick and easy reference to the words you need for describing beer to your friends. Now you’ll never be at a loss for words and always be part of the beer discussion.