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10 Beer Accessories & Gadgets Every Beer Drinker Needs For Summer

Here are 10 great boozy gadgets and beer accessories that will enhance your beer drinking experience this summer.

10 Beer Accessories & Gadgets Every Beer Drinker Needs For Summer

If you’re an avid beer drinker, you’ve probably sat around in the summer heat thinking of ways you could improve your beer drinking experience, a.k.a “ex-beer-ience”. These 10 must-have beer tools, accessories, and gadgets are perfect for summer and ensure to solve some of your biggest beer drinking struggles.


Beer Caddy Bag

This stylish beer caddy is perfect for transporting your beer. Whether you’re heading to a beer tasting party, a summer BBQ or just walking to the beach to have some brews with friends, this beer bag will protect your beers and keep them cold. And should you forget to pack a bottle opener, there’s no need to worry: The pack includes an attached steel opener.

Order it now from uncommon goods.



Beer Holster

Sometimes, there’s not always a place to put your beer — until now. Not only will this leather beer holster make you look cool, but it will also show everyone that you’ve been to a rodeo. This drink holster holds all standard size beer bottles and cans.

Get a beer holster from Amazon.



Beer Savers Silicone Bottle Cap

We all know the feeling of cracking open a bottle of beer and then realizing you already had one open. Instead of having to chug a bottle of beer quickly, or risking it going flat, pop on a beer saver — a silicone bottle cap designed to keep beer fresh. It’s reusable and dishwasher safe too.

Buy a pack of 6 silicon beer bottle caps from Amazon.



Beersy Beer Sleeve

These discreet beer sleeves are perfect for any event, festival or gathering where you’re not allowed outside booze. Pick from “Dr. Pecker”, “Loco-Cola”, “La Crotch” and many more popular soda parody sleeves. JustBeer will not be taking responsibility if you happen to get kicked out or banned from an event. Be smart about sneaking beer into places, and don’t get caught.

Order a beer sleeve now from



Chill Puck

In the summer time you need cold beer more than ever. That’s where the Chill Puck comes in. The Chill Puck is an ice pack molded to match the bottom of all standard cans that promises to chill your bevy while you drink it. Take it with you wherever you go!

Order your Chill Puck now.



Corkcicle Chillsner

The Chillsner from Corkcicle is the perfect tool to quickly chill room temperature beer. Simply freeze, insert into the bottle, and say goodbye to warm beer forever. The Chillsner is perfect for parties, tailgates, and pretty much any occasion where local craft beer is enjoyed.

Get the Chillsner from Amazon.



Floating Beer Pong Table

There’s no where in the beer pong rules that states you can’t be in a pool while you play. This floating beer pong table is perfect or beer pong on an extremely hot summer day. Tired of sinking cups? This beer pong table also can be used as a pool floaty to lay on.

Get it now, and others like it from Amazon.



Magnetic Beer Bottle Hanger

In the summer, you always want to have your fridge stocked but sometimes you don’t always have the room for it. This magnetic strip for beer bottles allows you to hang the bottles from underneath a shelf for your fridge.

Buy on for your fridge from Amazon.



The Beer Caramelizer

Summer nights are all about campfires, star gazing, and great beer. The Beer Caramelizer is a campfire tool that is fun, fascinating, cool and it makes your beer taste good! Heat up your Caramelizer in a campfire until it’s red hot, then stick the end in your beer. The gumdrop shaped tip introduces just enough heat to cause a reaction with the sugars in the beverage to create a richer and smoother take of the original variety. This summertime ex-beer-ience is the alcohol version of roasting marshmallows.

Order yours from Amazon.



The Road Popper

What better way to soak up the summer than to go for a long bike ride. A cold beer is the perfect drink to cool you off after sweating it out cycling. The Road Popper discretely attaches to the bottom of your bicycle seat. For only $51.13CAD you can ensure you always have a bottle opener on hand, no matter where your bike takes you.

Order a road popper now from Shapeways.



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