10 Beer Board & Card Drinking Games Perfect For Any Game Night

These beer-themed board and card games are perfect for a night of games and beer. Like all games, these board games are more fun when drinking beer. Lots of beer.

10 Beer Board & Card Drinking Games Perfect For Any Game Night

If you’re a beer-lover and a board game-lover then you are going to love playing these beer-themed games. Crack a cold one and whip one of these games out at your next game night with friends.*

*JustBeer is not responsible for any friendships that end while playing these competitive games.


Beeropoly (a.k.a. Brewopoly)

In this version of Beeropoly, players will roll dice and move their playing pieces around the board, while completing the challenges on the spaces they land on. The objective is to be the first person to travel around the board and land on the ‘Finish’ space. The game ends when there is only one person left on the board. Try not to be this person or else you’ll need to chug the community cup, a.k.a King’s Cup.

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Players: 2-6 (or more, just use your own pieces!) | Average Game Time: 45min



Brew Crafters Board Game

“It’s a time of regrowth in the old urban center, and the hippest and best beer crafters have gathered both hops and hopes in building the best brewery in the city. It won’t be an easy task, as players compete for precious resources such as malt, yeast, fruit and spices in the local markets, all while managing and optimizing their growing bottling empires.”

In Brew Crafters, players act as the management of their own local craft brewery, working hard to manage the breweries resources, putting the brewery employees to work, and developing the best local brews there is. In order to win the game, you need to gain the most points by developing gold-label beer recipes. At the end of “year three”, the “best local brewer”, a.k.a. the winner of the game, a.k.a. the player with the most points will be announced.

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Players: 2-5 | Average Game Time: 90min



Brew Crafters: Travel Card Game

Brew Crafters: Travel Card Game is based on the Brew Crafters Board Game. In Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game, players will act as they’ve opened their own brewery and are now competing with other brewers (a.k.a. the other players) to be named the “Brew Crafter” in your city. You can build your brewery by installing grand brewing equipment, hiring strong brewery workers and get to work brewing your very own beer! The player that earns the most reputation as the city’s best brewer will win the game!

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Players: 2-4 | Average Game Time: 30min




If you’re a fan of the classic board game, Monopoly, then you are going to love Brew-Opoly. It’s exactly like Monopoly, except beer-themed! Grab your favourite local brew and start buying property!

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BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game

BrewMaster is known for being a great game for game-lovers and beer-lovers alike. The game consists of players collecting and combing ingredient cards to produce six different styles of beers. After producing beers, players can place chips on the board game that represent crowds of people. The objective of the game is to produce better beer than your opponents and steal each other’s crowds. Sounds easy, right? The event cards in the game are there to mix things up. The event cards represent real-life trumps and tragedies that have taken place in the craft beer industry. The winner of the game is the player who collects the most beer festival trophies (located in the event deck), and who gains the largest crowd.

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Players: 2-5 | Average Game Time: 60min



Brewin’ USA

Brewin’ USA is a card game in which players own a start-up brewery in the middle of the craft beer revolution. As the brewery owner, you need to collect local brewing ingredients, launch your product line of craft beer, and compete for regional control across the whole nation. For more information on Brewin’ USA, visit the official website.

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Players: 2-5 | Average Game Time: 60min




While playing Fürstenfeld, the players are trying to supply goods to the local breweries in the small town of Fürstenfeld, while still trying to achieve their personal dreams of having their own palace. In order to raise your status, you will have to harvest hops, barley and spring water. You will find yourself running into some problems, such as limited demand from the breweries, and storage space for supplies. Can you work hard enough to get your own palace? You’ll have to play to find out!

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Players: 2-5 | Average Game Time: 60min




In this game, it is the annual summer beerfest in the village of Seehausen am See, Germany. During this beerfest, the players have become business people who are rushing to Seehausen am See to invest in businesses there. Each player will towards getting their “people” into management positions in the breweries and beer gardens where they own stocks. The winner at the end will not be the player with the largest beer gardens, but the player with the most money.

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Players: 3-4 | Average Game Time: 60min



Hip Hops Card Game

Hip Hops is a collectable card game that is known for being fast and easy to learn. To play, you simply use the different attributes of beer on each of the cards to beat your opponent. The attributes on the beer cards include things like alcohol content, bitterness, year of introduction, and hops. The first deck, Brews of the World, features 44 beers from around the world, including AleSmith Brewing Co, Beavertown Brewery, BrewDog, Evil Twin Brewing, Founders Brewing Company, Mikkeller Brewing, Nøgne Ø, To Øl and many, many more.

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Players: 2-6 | Average Game Time: 15-25min



Space Brew

Space Brew is a drinking card game with a retro sci-fi theme. The objective of the game is to collect enough “pieces of salvage” to repair your spaceship. To collect pieces, you must battle space monsters by drinking quantities of beer (or any other drink). You can win equipment for your ship and hire mercenaries to help you.

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Players: 1-6 | Average Game Time: 30min



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While playing drinking games is always fun, JustBeer asks to please drink responsibly.


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