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10 Beers to Drink on Chinese New Year: Year Of The Pig

Chinese New Year 2019 falls on Tuesday, February 5th. 2019 is the Year of the Pig! What better way to celebrate than with these 10 great pig-inspired beers!

10 Beers to Drink on Chinese New Year: Year Of The Pig

What is Chinese New Year? (Lunar New Year)

Lunar New Year is a holiday that is filled with ancient traditions, rituals, and festivities that lasts well beyond the Lunar New Year day. Lunar New Year, a.k.a Chinese New Year, 2019 lands on Tuesday, February 5th. 2019 is the of the pig. Actually, 2019 is the year of “Ji hai”, which translates to “earth pig”. The pig is the last animal sign of the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle and the year of the pig can signifies wealth and good fortune. If you want to celebrate this Chinese New Year with beer, here are 10 recommendations on beers to drink!


10 Best Beers to Drink to Celebrate Year Of The Pig


Rig Pig Pale AleBrewsters Brewing Companybrewsters-brewing-co-rig-pig-pale-ale_1475851628

This North American style pale ale is quite hoppy and delicious. Its ‘rig’ sized aroma comes from the lethal pairing of Cascade and Centennial hops that are paired with American Victory malt to offer a caramel counterpoint.
ABV%: 5 | IBU: 49




Piggyback Peach Session IPAUinta Brewing Companyuinta-brewing-company-piggyback-peach-session-ipa_1530127712

A session IPA perfect for a day of adventures, Piggyback Peach Session IPA is brewed with peaches to lend a faint stone fruit nose and tartness to leafy hop and caramel malts.
ABV%: 4 | IBU: 55




Mangalitsa Pig PorterRight Brain Breweryright-brain-brewery-mangalitsa-pig-porter_1518452848

This limited release beer has REAL smoked pig heads to give it the smokey flavour. There is no smoked malt in this recipe. This is the beer that put Right Brain Brewery on the map! Not for vegetarians! You simply have to experience this beer and describe it to your friends.
ABV%: 7




Blind Pig IPARussian River Breweryrussian-river-brewing-co-blind-pig-ipa_1488299776

A full-bodied IPA. This is a very hoppy beer with citrus, pine, and fruity notes. Ending on a nice, dry, bitter finish this is the perfect beer for hopheads!
ABV%: 6.25




Pesky Pig Pale AleTroubled Monk Brewerytroubled-monk-brewery-pesky-pig-pale-ale_1525474651

Pesky Pig Pale Ale celebrates both the rambunctious flavors of hops and the wild spirit of Francis the Pig, who escaped his fate at a local slaughterhouse in 1990. Malts quietly tame the bitterness of hops to let the hop flavor dominate in a crisp, citrusy pale ale. Pesky Pig starts with the fresh flavor of grapefruit and finishes with undertones of papaya and tropical fruits.
ABV%: 5 | IBU: 35




Piggy Pale AleRed Arrow Brewing Companyred-arrow-brewing-company-piggy-pale-ale_1477594825

Pouring a light golden orange this little piggy has a medium hop aroma, balanced maltiness and just enough gumption to bring home the game. Light body, mild earthy hop aroma, and a dry refreshing finish.
ABV%: 5 | IBU: 37




Pig War White IPAHopworks Urban Breweryhopworks-urban-brewery-pig-war-white-ipa_1480969894

This seasonal brew uses Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat grown on Twin Oaks Farm on San Juan Island. The farm cultivates 25 acres of Friar variety wheat and 1/3 acre of Willamette hops. This specialty grain imparts tart flavors, medium body, and a signature wheat cloudiness. The name “Pig War” commemorates the standoff in 1859 between American and British authorities over San Juan Island. The only casualty of this 15-year standoff was one wayward pig.
ABV%: 6 | IBU: 60




Pig Ass PorterHarvest Moon Brewingharvest-moon-brewing-pigs-ass-porter_1480358510

Pig Ass Porter was first brewed in 1997! This beer is a multiple award-winning dark ale brewed in the Burton, England style owing to the similarity of water chemistry in Belt compared to this classic porter producing area in England. Plenty of body without a sharp bite, this porter is brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate and black malts to create a creamy, smooth, roasted, slightly chocolate tasting ale with a touch of hops in the finish.
ABV%: 5.7




WarPigs Lazurite3 Floyds Brewing Company3-floyds-brewing-company-warpigs-lazurite_1475530545

A bright, citrusy and full-bodied American IPA with just enough malt to balance the profound bitterness.
ABV%: 7.5 | IBU: 70




Naked Pig Pale AleBack Forty Beer Companyback-forty-beer-company-naked-pig-pale-ale_1549055497

Naked Pig is a delightfully crisp, hand-crafted ale. The German malts provide a perfect balance to the five hop additions that go into every batch we make. This American pale ale is tasty enough for any craft beer newcomer, while the complex character is sure to please even the most discerning craft connoisseur.
ABV%: 6 | IBU: 43




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