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10 Best Places to Get a Burger and a Beer in New York City, NY

Looking for the best places for a burger and beer in New York City? Look no further! Here’s a list of the best places in NYC to grab a pint and a patty, and the best restaurants, pubs, breweries, etc. for burger and beer specials.

10 Best Places to Get a Burger and a Beer in New York City, NY

Beer and burgers are the perfect combinations for any night out, lunch with friends or as a meal to yourself. Maybe we’re a little biased– but with the New York City being the home of the best burgers, it’s mandatory that we set up a burger and beer guide. Well, there is no better time to hit up your favourite restaurant, bar, brewery… for a pint and a juicy burger!

Here are JustBeer’s top ten favourite spots for a beer and a burger in NYC!


Black Tap Craft Burger and Beer

Multiple Locations

With locations in SoHo, Midtown, East Hampton and 35th– Black Tap is a must-visit burger and beer bar for New Yorkers and people just visiting!

Burger & Beer Pairing at Black Tap:

We recommend The Mulberry Street Burger and a crisp and clean beer from Black Tap’s rotating tap like, Alphabet City’s Blonde Ale.


The Brewery Bar & Kitchen

49-18 30th Avenue
Woodside, NY

Try the All Natural Beef Burger at Alibi Room! This is the classic burger you’ve been on the hunt for, with only the staples as features: lettuce, tomato and smoked onion mayo with a pickle, fries and slaw on the side.

Burger & Beer Pairing for The Brewery Bar:

We recommend doing it the The Brewery Bar way. Grab a ‘The Brewery House IPA’ and their house-named burger: The Brewery Burger. That 8oz Angus Sirloin is calling your name!


Death Ave Brewing Co.

315 10th Avenue
New York, NY

So… we’re not saying this not a burger, but we’re not saying it is either… it’s on a burger bun, okay?! It’s just too good not to include on this list. If you love ribs, Death Ave Brewing Co. is the place for you. These slow cooked baby-back ribs will satisfy your deepest, rib desires.

Burger & Beer Pairing for Death Ave:

Pair your Baby Back Rib-Wich with a Wave Chaser IPA from Montauk Brewing Company!



Ale ‘n’ Angus Pub

238 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY

We had to put Ale ‘n ‘ Angus on this list– it was a no brainer. Ale ‘n’ Angus Pub is a four time winner for the Best New York Burger award. Wowza.

Burger & Beer Pairing for Ale ‘n’ Angus:

Obviously, their award winning “Beef on Weck” burger is the go-to, however, they do always have a “burger of the week,” if you’re looking to try something new! And to pair? We recommend the Three Heads Brewing “The Kind” IPA.



919 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY

Located in Brooklyn, Emily restaurant is actually a pizza restaurant– but they’ve got one of the best burgers in NYC. And we’re not just saying that– this burger is often sold out! The ‘Emmy burger’ also known as Pat Lafrieda, contains carmelized onions, cheddar cheese with their signature Emmy sauce, served on a pretzel bun. Sooo delicious!

Burger & Beer Pairing for Emily:

We recommend washing down the delicious Emmy burger with a refreshing Five Borough Summer Ale.



Keg & Lantern Brewing Co.

97 Nassau Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

The wild venison burger is stuffed with blue cheese and mushroom, topped with caramelized onion and bacon, and served with Kennebec fries! Whoa.

Burger & Beer Pairing for Keg & Lantern:

To pair with your 1/2lb Keg Classic Burger, we recommend the Gothic Dark Lager.


Bili’s Bar & Burger

16 West 51st Street
New York, NY

As THE burger on the menu, Per Se does not disappoint and shows off an entree featuring 8oz Blue Goose organic beef, fresh challah bun, melted fontina cheese, truffle aioli and Syrah caramelized onions. Count us in!

Burger & Beer Pairing for Bili’s Bar:

To go with your South of the Burger, we recommend Port Jeff’s Beach Beer. Imagine you’re kicking back in the southern sun with this mouthwatering burger and a refreshing beach beer!



Brooklyn Burgers & Beer

259 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

If you thought we’d forget about brunch, think again. L’Abbatoir’s breakfast burger hosts aged cheddar, a full hashbrown and fried egg. Please be warned: You may need a nap after this.

Burger & Beer Pairing for Brooklyn Burgers:

Try out Sixpoint’s Puff Puff DDH IIPA. The perfect complement to your an intense Buffalo burger.


Gebhard’s Beer Culture

228 West 72nd Street
New York, NY

Sadly only available during lunch service, the Hawksworth Cache Creek Natural Beef Burger boasts applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar and fries on the side. Worth it for a great lunch.

Burger & Beer Pairing for Gebhard’s:

Pair your smash bang burger with a Members Only Rare from Form Brewing Co. The whole meal will feel exclusive!


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