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10 Limited Edition Stouts Every Beer Lover Needs to Try

It’s been a big month for Stouts! Many of these new beer releases are limited edition or seasonal, so we recommend you get your hands on a brew as soon as possible!

10 Limited Edition Stouts Every Beer Lover Needs to Try

It’s been a big month for Stouts! With just a few days left of December, we have to share with you a few of the December Stout Beer Releases that you need to try during the month of December. Because many of these beers are limited edition or seasonal for the holidays, we recommend you get your hands on a brew ASAP!


10 Stouts/Porters You Need To Try


Baker’s Breakfast Chocolate Oatmeal StoutEastbound Brewing Co.

4.7% ABV

“With loads of oats and buckets of unsweetened liquid cacao added as a late addition in the process, this chocolate oatmeal stout is sure to hit all the right notes that a stout and chocolate lover alike will crave. The pure liquid cacao is sourced from sustainable economic partnerships with farmers in Ecuador and Columbia and contains no preservatives, dairy or additives. With a dark brown hue and a mocha head this stout is meant to be easily enjoyed. Opting for unsweetened chocolate, it finishes a bit drier, but the oat flakes added round out the body and add a touch of creaminess.”



Pitch Imperial StoutNita Beer Company

11% ABV | 50 IBU

Pitch is a rich malty stout with notes of cherry, almond, chocolate and coffee. Fruity ester flavours created by our happy little yeast buddies are complimented by the late kettle addition of Fuggle and Golding hops. An Imperial Stout with a rich malty flavour and mellow malt sweetness balanced by roasted malt bitterness.



Commander Reserve Imperial StoutDead Frog Brewery

10.5% ABV

Every year we safely stash some Commander Imperial Stout to release down the road. Each bottle of Commander Reserve is cellared for three years, and wax dipped before release. The Commander 2015 is ready for it’s big day! The Commander Imperial Stout is a dark roasted stout featuring a deep, layered malt profile with flavours of white oak and whiskey.



Boughs of Barley Imperial Stout: Scotch WhiskeyCape May Brewing Company

11.1% ABV | 95 IBU | 47 SRM

An Imperial stout barrel-aged in Scotch whiskey, this brew started off big, then we made it massive. This Stout spent 18 months aging in freshly-dumped Scotch Whisky barrels, you can expect a faceful of earthy smoke to dominate, with wisps of roasted coffee and chocolate coming through, and a long-lasting finish, all topped off with a warm body.



Boughs of Barley Imperial Stout: CognacCape May Brewing Company

11% ABV | 95 IBU | 47 SRM

This brew started off big, then we made it massive. An Imperial Stout that spent a year aging in second-use Cognac barrels, you can expect a warming, roasty character and oakiness to dominate, with wisps of chocolate and sweet Cognac-laced vanilla notes coming through, especially on the finish.



Slaughterhouse American StoutMain Street Brewing Company

5% ABV | 35 IBU

Brewery Creek originally ran through Mt. Pleasant and emptied into False Creek, where Vancouver’s slaughterhouses jutted into the water. It’s part of our neighbourhood history that has inspired us to create this killer beer. Slaughterhouse is a hoppy American Stout, brewed with barley, wheat, oats, rye & spelt, with local Centennial hops from Topp’s Hops.



7th Anniversary Imperial StoutCoal Harbour Brewing

9.2% ABV

French Toast was the inspiration for this rich and silky imperial stout. Brewed with roasted chocolate malt, lactose, Demerara sugar, and cinnamon. A portion was bourbon barrel aged while the rest sat on hard maple wood, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. We then blended the two back together to create this delicate, yet robust dessert stout that we are proud to share with you to celebrate 7 years of beers.



Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial StoutMoody Ales

11% ABV | 35 IBU

Our Russian Imperial Stout is brewed in the English tradition – high gravity and highly hopped to balance the sweetness of all that malt, this style was brewed for export to Baltic states and Russia. This is a complex beer that drinks smooth and is best enjoyed after it warms up a bit. For 2019 we aged this beer for just over two months in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels to add to the complexity and make something very special.



Bulleit Bourbon Barrel-Aged StoutGuinness

10% ABV | 52 IBU

The Barrel-Aged Stout imparts toffee and caramel notes from the barrels, which were sought out to help balance the bittersweet profile of the Antwerpen Stout. With powerful and full-bodied notes of bittersweet chocolate and aged fruits, the stout spent eight months aging in Bulleit Bourbon barrels, adding a layer of oaky richness and complexity to the beer.



Russian Imperial StoutParallel 49 Brewing

10.5% ABV

The Russian Imperial Stout was aged for two months in rye barrels, and features “flavours of dried fruit, oak vanilla add ins, dark chocolate, and a hint of rye spice.

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