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11 Canine-Inspired Beers for the Dog Lover

These dog beers are calling all puppy lovers! Get your paws on these brews while you can!

11 Canine-Inspired Beers for the Dog Lover

The debate between cats and dogs is at an all-time high right now. While JustBeer tries to stay neutral when it comes to the debate between cats and dogs, we do love any pet or animal-inspired brew! If you’re a beer-loving dog owner, you’re going to love these beers.


Can dogs drink beer?

In short — no!

Your dog can accompany you to a dog-friendly brewery or patio, but unfortunately, they can’t drink the beer. The smallest amount of alcohol is toxic to your furry friends, especially in small cats and dogs.


What happens if you give a dog a beer?

Studies have shown that it’s not just the alcohol that is harmful to your pooch, but actually the hops in beer. Hops are highly poisonous and can result in a doggy death. If your dog has consumed hops, your pup might show signs of excessive panting, restlessness, muscle tremors and seizures. In severe cases, your pet will experience a sharp increase in body temperature, known as malignant hypothermia, which causes severe fevers over 108 degrees Fahrenheit which can result in damage and failure of their organs and internal systems.

If you believe your dog accidentally drank some of your beer, take them to the nearest animal hospital or contact the Animal Poison Control Center.

“If a 20 pound dog drinks one beer in 5 minutes, thats the same as a 200 pound man drinking 10 beers in 5 minutes. For dogs, that kind of shock can wreak havoc on their immune system.” — Tails to Tell


Is there such thing as beer for dogs?

Yes! Good Boy Dog Beer is a Houston-based brewing company that has created a line of beers brewed specifically for your furry best friend. These beers contain no alcohol, no hops and no synthetic preservatives, resulting in a brew that is 100% puppy safe. If you love the idea of a doggy beer, click here to learn more about Goodboy Dog Beer and where to buy it.



Dog-Inspired Brewery Names:

These breweries from all over the world have one thing in common — they are canine-inspired and owned and operated by dog lovers.

3 Dogs Brewing (White Rock, British Columbia)
Alpine Dog Brewing Company (Denver, Colorado)
Bad Dog Brewing Company (Sooke, British Columbia)
Big Dog’s Brewing Company (Las Vegas, Nevada)
BrewDog (Ellon, Scotland)
Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, Maryland)
Hair of the Dog Brewing Company (Portland, Oregon)
Laughing Dog Brewing (Boise, Idaho)
Sheepdog Brewing (Canmore, Alberta)
Sleepy Dog Brewing (Tempe, Arizona)
Stray Dog Brewing Company (Orléans, Ontario)
Yellow Dog Brewing Company (Port Moody, British Columbia)


11 Beers to Drink if You’re a Dog Lover

No dogs were harmed in the making of these beers.


Black Dog QuadRed Collar Brewing Companyred-collar-brewing-company-black-dog-quad_1479852354

Black Dog Quad is a bottle conditioned, a lightly carbonated ale brewed in the Trappist style. This bottle will benefit from an extended stay in your cellar. Unfiltered, vegan-friendly, and naturally carbonated.
ABV%: 11.69 | IBU: 35


Bulldog Amber AleHalf Pints Brewing Co.half-pints-brewing-co-bulldog-amber-ale_1467221074

British crystal malts give this beer its distinctly deep amber body and nutty aroma that persist throughout the glass. The soft underlying hop bitterness is tempered with the flowery aroma of the U.K. Golding hop. Like its namesake, Bulldog Amber Ale is tough on the exterior with a soft disposition, so it’s a great introduction to Half Pints.
ABV%: 5.4 | IBU: 20


Chasing Tail Golden AleSquatters Craft Beerssquatters-craft-beers-chasing-tail-golden-ale_1466530034

A best-of-breed English style Summer Ale, this tail-wagger’s already fetched a real name for itself in competition. Squatters’ premium barley rolls over with domestic and imported Golding hops for a delicate bitterness and cold, wet nose.
ABV%: 4


Click here to find a dog-friendly patio near you!


DogTown Pale AleLagunitas Brewing Companylagunitas-brewing-company-new-dogtown-pale-ale_1462381757

A big and malty pale ale with a thirst-quenching hop flavour and a crisp clean finish. A 21st-century pale ale for the hop lovers out there. This is not the original ale as brewed in far away 1993 in the back of the Old House of Richards Building in the West Marin hamlet of Forest Knolls right next to little Lagunitas…It is way better.
ABV%: 6.2 | IBU: 62


Ellie’s Brown AleAvery Brewing Companyavery-brewing-company-ellies-brown-ale_1485983370

Chocolate malt gives this brew a brown sugar maltiness with hints of vanilla and nuts, while subtle hopping gives it an overall drinkability that’s second to none. Ellie’s Brown Ale is named after Adam Avery’s Chocolate Lab who passed away in 2002.
ABV%: 5.5


Hare and the DogMain Street Brewing Companymain-street-brewing-company-hare-dog_1476214200

Brewed with Canadian pale malts, flaked barley and English crystal malts, this Hare And The Dog Best Bitter is hopped with English East Kent Goldings, fermented with English ale yeast, finishing with a nice fruity/floral nose and aroma.
ABV%: 4.5 | IBU: 35


Are you a beer and dog lover?
Click here for a good laugh.


Lead DogYukon Brewingyukon-brewing-lead-dog-ale_1480025591

How could you survive the Yukon winters without a winter warmer? Well, I guess Yukoners have been doing it for many years before Yukon Brewing showed up, but this Olde English Ale has to make the whole thing a little more bearable. This brew is not for the faint of heart; it doesn’t leap out and bite you (most Lead Dogs are better trained than that), but it will most certainly sneak up and knock you for a loop if given the chance (this character might be more comparable to that of the Malamute and Husky!).
ABV%: 7


Sea DogVancouver Island Breweryvancouver-island-brewery-sea-dog_1477413854

As a tribute to Victoria’s Naval heritage, and to the Canadian Naval Centennial, Vancouver Island Brewery brewed Sea Dog Amber Ale to commemorate. An alt-style beer in the German tradition, Sea Dog is a medium-bodied beer that imparts an initial sweet maltiness, and light citrusy hop character. It has a smooth, balanced flavour and delicately hopped finish.
ABV%: 5.2 | SRM: 16


Take a Walk WitYellow Dog Brewing Companyyellow-dog-brewing-take-walk-wit_1477077050

This light and refreshing witbier pour a pale hazy straw colour. On the nose, you will get Citrus and Banana aromas that will carry through to the taste mixed in with a subtle spiciness from the coriander and chamomile. So grab one and enjoy the sunshine with your favourite furry friend!
ABV%: 5 | IBU: 15


Click here if you’re more of a cat person!


Wet Snout Peanut Butter StoutSleepy Dog Brewingsleepy-dog-brewing-wet-snout-peanut-butter-stout_1565888429

The amazing taste of peanut butter from a spoon has long been thought of as the peak of taste bud euphoria. That was before you got your paws on Wet Snout Peanut Butter Stout. Smooth and creamy peanut butter blends perfectly with chocolate and malt notes for a treat like no other.
ABV%: 5.9 | IBU: 25


Yellow Snow IPARoguerogue-yellow-snow-ipa_1497038379

This India pale ale is pale golden in colour with a hoppy fruity aroma. Big hop flavour up front complemented by a medium body and hoppyness mid-palate. It finishes with a characteristic, lingering bitterness.
ABV%: 6.5 | IBU: 82


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