Cooking with Beer (Recipes)

12 Delicious Beer Ice Cream Recipes to Try This Summer

What says “summer’s here” better than a good ol’ summer beer? Well, beer ice cream, of course! Check out these delicious beer ice cream recipes that are guaranteed to keep you cool for the summer!

12 Delicious Beer Ice Cream Recipes to Try This Summer

Summer is finally here and we’re super excited to break out those crisp & clean summer beers. But if you’re looking to put your dark beers to good use, try out these delicious beer recipes to keep you cool this summer!

Whether you think beer and ice cream is the perfect pairing, or you just can’t decide whether you want to crack a cold one or dig into a tub of ice cream on a hot, summer day – try out these yummy beer ice cream recipes that’ll offer you the best of both worlds.


What is Beer Ice Cream?

Beer Ice Cream is exactly what it sounds like: Ice cream made with beer! Just like ice cream can have flavours like chocolate, vanilla or chocolate chip – Beer Ice Cream is the flavour of your favourite brews!


12 Beer-Flavoured Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make at Home


Guinness Beer Ice Cream Recipe

This beer ice cream recipe is a crowd favourite. If you love a good Guinness, then you’ll love Guinness Ice Cream. All you’ll need for this delicious recipe is heavy whipping cream, whole milk, white sugar, vanilla bean, some eggs yolks and of course, a bottle of Irish Stout or Guinness.\


Chocolate Chile Beer Ice Cream Recipe

Feeling a little spicy? This chocolate chile beer is perfect for those who love lil’ spice to their chocolate. Rather than using a chile beer, this recipe calls for an amber lager, spiced chocolate, cayenne pepper and chili powder.



Caramel Beer Ice Cream Recipe

If caramel is your go-to ice cream flavour, your tastebuds will go crazy for caramel-flavoured beer ice cream. As the other ice cream recipes, you’ll need heavy whipping cream, whole milk, egg yolks and white sugar. For this ice cream recipe, you’ll also need unsalted butter, some caramel flavouring (optional) and your favourite pale ale.


Vanilla Beer Ice Cream Recipe

If you like to keep it simple, this vanilla beer ice cream is the perfect beer ice cream recipe for you. This beer ice cream recipe adds a vanilla-infused dark beer to make the perfect twist on this classic ice cream flavour.


Chocolate Stout Ice Cream Recipe

Are you a dark chocolate lover? Then you’ll love this rich chocolate stout ice cream recipe. Made with chopped dark chocolate, heavy cream, a pinch of paprika and your favourite stout



Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Ice Cream

Calling all Potterheads! We’ve given you the recipe on how to make your own Harry Potter Butterbeer, so now you can take that recipe to the next level. Try out this delicious Harry Potter’s Butter Beer Ice Cream. The perfect treat for a Harry Potter movie marathon.


Dairy Free, Vegan Beer Ice Cream Recipe

Enjoy beer ice cream without the milk or heavy cream! This dairy-free, vegan beer ice cream is perfect for those who love ice cream– but dairy, not so much.


Pumpkin Beer Ice Cream

Prep for fall with this Pumpkin Beer Ice Cream treat! If you’re one to order a pumpkin beer all year ’round, then this pumpkin beer ice cream is the best recipe to keep those autumn vibes going.


Lemon Shandy Beer Ice Cream

Nothing says “summertime” like a lemon shandy, especially in ice cream form. This lemon shandy ice cream recipe calls for your favourite summer ale or pale ale. You know, anything crisp and clean.


Beer and Pretzel Ice Cream Sundae

Beer and Pretzels are a classic snack, so why not combine them with ice cream! This beer pretzel ice cream sundae is the perfect mix of sweet and salty. So grab your favourite stout and a bag of pretzels and try out this delicious summer treat.

Beer and Pretzel Ice Cream Sundae










IPA Ice Cream Recipe

Is a nice, carbonated India Pale Ale your choice of beer style? Then you’ll love this IPA Ice Cream recipe. The heavy bitterness of an India Pale Ale provides a unique taste to this ice cream treat.


Smoky Chocolate Porter with Beer Candied Bacon Ice Cream Recipe

This one is a little bit of an odd one, but at the same time, sounds totally delicious. If you’re into trying something new and unique, this Chocolate Porter Bacon Ice Cream recipe might be the one for you!


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