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14 Beers That Bring Christmas Cheer

You’ll want to make your beer list and check it twice to make sure that these delightful Christmas beers are on it.

14 Beers That Bring Christmas Cheer
1.Black Oak Nutcracker Porter

This full-bodied Porter is perfect for the cold-weather holiday season. It pours a thick and inky black with a spicy warmth from the cinnamon sticks that were tossed into the brew. Like the Nutcracker, it is perfectly balanced with notes of roast and toast and a subtle hop backbone.



2.Black Raven Brewing Company Festivus Holiday Ale

Festivus is an annual holiday beer that celebrates “Festivus for the rest of us“. A secular alternative to Christmas made popular in the sitcom Seinfeld. Brewed with an all-inclusive holiday spirit it has cranberries, various citrus peel fruit and a brewer’s secret blend of spices.



3.Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Christmas

This full-bodied beer brings some delirium to the holiday season. With its mix of spicy and sweet plus a large amount of alcohol for those family gatherings that don’t always go the way you plan.



4.Dark Horse Brewing 4 Elf Winter Warmer Spiced Ale

4 Elf goes great with all holiday foods from the start of the meal to finish. It has spicy aromas of cinnamon and clove which make it holiday cheer in a bottle and if you happen to see 4 elves running around you know that 8.75% ABV has gotten the best of you.



5.Fat Head Brewery Holy Joly Christmas Ale

Holy Joly Christmas Ale pairs perfectly with Christmas Day and a little snuggle by the fireplace. It’s full of ginger, honey, cinnamon, spice and everything nice!



6.Grand River Brewing Jubilation Winter Warmer

Jubilation Winter Warmer’s pleasant mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel will help you through the cold winter months. One sip of this and you’ll definitely be singing out “Jubilation!”



7.Nebraska Brewing Company Red Sled

Red Sled brings back the great memories of sledding as a kid with the combination of Christmas time with family and friends. Warmth just exudes from this beer between the memories it brings back and the subtlety of the spices you are guaranteed a happy season.



8.Nogne O God Jul

God Jul is the perfect tribute to the Yuletide season. It is strong, dark and sweet just the way a Christmas beer should be, Odin the Wanderer definitely would have wandered home for this one!



9.Parallel 49 Black Christmas

If Scrooge was never won over by Christmas spirit we’d all be drinking more beers like Black Christmas. Rather than the common vanilla and spices, Black Christmas delivers a large amount of hops and bitterness.



10.Rahr & Sons Angry Santa

If you leave Santa this great brew he definitely won’t be angry with you. It’s got all the great Christmas mulling spices like cinnamon and ginger plus some honey and vanilla for sweetness.



11.Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

This double hopped ale is red like the big man himself, no wonder it comes from Santa’s Private Reserve. With generous roasted malt flavors and a well-balanced spruce finish it’s perfect for tree-decorating parties or the main night itself.



12.Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale

Old Fezziwig, the obscure character from Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol. He was Scrooge’s kind and generous first boss who threw great parties and this festive ale is like a party in a bottle. It’ll definitely have you doing a Fezziwig jig.



13.Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Silent Night Winter Ale

This brew was made as a tribute to the annual Christmas Beer Festival held each December in Essen, Belgium. Like the famous Christmas carol it is understated, soft, but oh so beautiful.



14.Tröegs Independent Brewing Mad Elf

Nothing says Merry Christmas better than this crazy brew. With its wild red color and notes of cherries, honey and cocoa plus those delicious Christmas spices cinnamon, clove and allspice, MMMMM! So good! Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a little madness.



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