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14 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards To Give To Someone Who Loves Beer

If you pick out the right card for Valentine’s Day, it can put into words exactly what you’re feeling. Especially when it comes to that very special beer-loving bae that stole your heart. Tell the beer lover in your life what’s on your mind and in your heart with these special beer-themed Valentine’s

14 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards To Give To Someone Who Loves Beer

Need someone to Beer your Valentine? Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to tell your significant other exactly how you feel about them. Not sure if you have the right words? That’s okay! Here are 14 Valentine’s Day memes and cards to either purchase for your beer-loving better half, or inspire you to make your own!


14 Funny Valentine’s Day Memes & Cards To Give Someone Who Loves Beer


I love you more than beer. (But maybe that’s the beer talking.)

This is the perfect V-day card if you’re planning on getting a little tipsy tonight. Who knows what the beer is going to say for you next.

Card by: PaperFreckles


I love you more than beer. There you go, I’ve said it. you have it down on paper.

Does your bae sometimes get jealous of how much time you spend with beer? Does your significant other question your love for them versus your love for beer? This card is for you!

Card by: Not On The High Street


Roses are red, violets are blue. Valentine’s Day Sucks so have a beer or two.

For anyone that’s celebrating Single Awareness Day instead of Valentine’s Day.

Card by: Letterpress pdx


Pizza & Beer: We’re better together.

For when your mate loves pizza and beer equally.

Card by: PepperPopPaper


Tall, dark & handsome

This card speaks for itself. For your tall, dark & handsome who loves tall, dark & handsome brews.

Card by: DarkroomandDearly


I love you more than you love beer…

Your beer-loving better half will know exactly how you feel about them with this funny Valentine’s Day card.

Card by: colorelish


I hope you’re low ABV, because I want to session you all night.

Get your night rolling in the right direction with this very funny Valentine’s Day card.

Card by: Literature and Libation


Hey, I like you! I also like beer. But… I think I like you more.

The perfect V-day card for any beer-loving couple.

Card by: hearts and laser beams


Did you fall from heaven? ‘Cause you smell like straight Galaxy hops

The perfect pick-up line for anyone who loves beer.

Card by: Literature and Libation


Are you a keg? Because I’d tap that!

Did you meet your significant other at a frat party? If so, this is the perfect card for them!

Card by: LittleSloth


Roses are red, violets are blue, you look thirsty, let’s go have a brew.

If you’re beer-loving bae just got home from a long day of work, slip them this card to let them know you’re ready for a nice, cold brew!

Card by: Literature and Libation


I don’t even need beer to think you’re attractive

This Valentine’s Day Card is not only funny but it’s also cute art work. This card could double as fridge art!

Card by: Cool Material


You are the lime wedge in my Mexican beer bottle

Give this card to your S.O. if they love Corona, Sol, or any other Mexican beer.

Card by: Unknown


I’m going to spend valentine’s day with my true love…. Beer!

The perfect Valentine’s Day Card / Single’s Awareness Day Card for anyone spending V-Day alone!

Card by: someecards


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