15 Best Beer Cities Every Beer Lover Needs to Travel To

Grab your passport, beer-lovers! Here are the 15 best “beer cities” to visit if you’re in need of a beercation!

15 Best Beer Cities Every Beer Lover Needs to Travel To

CNN recently came out with an article recapping the best “beer cities” around the world. If you’re a beer lover looking for a vacation, check out these boozy cities we think you’ll enjoy!


Beer, The City

To your surprise, beer isn’t just the world’s greatest drink, but it’s also the name of a- picture-perfect, unspoilt fishing village on the south coast of Devon, England. You may think that Beer is famous for beer but it’s actually famous for its fishing and seafaring traditions. Its name actually originates from the old English word for woodland ‘beare’, beach of the natural forestation in the town.


15 Best Beer Cities in the World for a Beercation


Asheville, North Carolina, USA

When someone thinks “beer city”, Asheville, North Carolina doesn’t always come to mind but Asheville is actually second on the list when it comes to breweries per capita.

If you’re jumping on the sour beer bandwagon, you must check out Wicked Weed Brewing’s Funkatorium, located in the South Slope of Asheville. Wicked Weed Brewing’s Funkatorium is the first East Coast taproom solely dedicated to sour beers. While you’re getting dizzy on sour brews, walk over to Hi-Wire Brewing for circus-inspired beers.



Brussels, Belgium

Belgium and Trappist beer play a huge role in the history of beer. If you’re wanting to learn more about beer’s history, visit Cantillion Brewery. Cantillion is one of Belgium’s oldest traditional breweries and is known for its lambic brews. Plus, they and offers daily brewery tours.

If you’re wanting to try a Belgian brew that’s slightly more modern, check out Brussels Beer Project. BBP was born in 2013 and focuses on experiments, collaborations and “dusting off” old Belgian beer styles.



Calgary, Alberta, Canada

If we’re being honest, Calgary wasn’t included in CNN’s list, and we’re slightly upset about it.

With lots of new breweries on the rise, Calgary has so many things to offer to beer-lovers. From beer festivals to boozy bicycle brewery tours, there is something for everyone in Calgary, Alberta. Also, Calgary is set to open Canada’s first craft beer hotel that will feature brewery themed rooms, beer soap, and more! We believe Calgary, Alberta is the best “beer city” in the world… but maybe we’re a little biased.



Planning your next Canadian “beer-cation”
Check out these amazing spots for beer lovers!


Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

With more than 80 breweries, Grand Rapids now calls itself the “Beer City of America”. Founders Brewing Company was established in the late 90s and is one of the more well-known breweries in Grand Rapids.

If you’re a baseball fanatic, you will love The Mitten Brewing Company. The Mitten is a vintage baseball-themed microbrewery/pizzeria with a focus on community involvement and charitable giving.



Portland, Maine, USA

Portland is known for having the most breweries per capita, which makes this city a great spot if you’re looking to hit up a bunch of breweries in a short amount of time.

Be sure to check out the rotating taps at Maine Beer Company! Or, if you’re on the south side of Portland head over to Foulmouthed Brewing. While in the south, stop by Bissell Brothers Brewing Company as they have tons of awesome events happening all year long.



Click here for the CNN’s original article and to learn the other 10 best beer cities!


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