15 Unique Beer Can Designs for Beer Can Appreciation Day

Every year on Jan. 24, we celebrate “Beer Can Appreciation Day” in remembrance of the historic, monumental, and thirst-quenching day beer was first sold in cans. Here are some beautifully designed beer cans to help you celebrate today.

15 Unique Beer Can Designs for Beer Can Appreciation Day


Bad Weather Brewing Company

Not just the elements at work. Bad Weather Brewing Company brews great beers for any season.


Beers Pictured: Windvane Red IPA, Hopcromancer IPA, Anomaly Passion Fruit Sour Ale, and Sun Pillar Belgian Blonde Ale


Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery opened its doors in 1990 in the mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s the third-oldest craft brewery in the state. Nestled below the slopes on Main Street, the brewpub continues to delight locals and visitors with a lively atmosphere, delicious pub fare, and of course, a great selection of beer.


Beers Pictured: Agave Wheat, Vanilla Porter, and Breck Lager


High River Brewing Co.

For High River Brewing, it’s about more than beer. It’s about community. They chose High River because this town is made of people who have risen to every challenge – and come out stronger because of them. High River Brewing’s taproom is a place to celebrate with old friends and toast to new ones. It’s a place to share stories of triumph, folklore and legend. High River Brewing Co. is here to brew the beers you’ll be drinking when you’re living out your next great story to tell.


Beers Pictured: Diving Fox India Pale Ale, Mucky Beaver Stout, Rising Pheasant Brown Ale, and Floating Barn Pale Ale


Collective Arts Brewing

Collective Arts Brewing is a craft brewery in Hamilton, Ontario, founded by Matt Johnston and Bob Russell. It is a grassroots craft brewery whose mandate is to combine “the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging and seasoned artists, musicians, photographers & filmmakers”.


Beer Pictured: Life In The Clouds Hazy IPA


Cape May Brewing Co

Cape May Brewing Company began with one simple question: Where’s all the beer down here?? With that in mind, Cape May Brewing decided to provide South Jersey with fresh, delicious, local beer to put New Jersey on the map as a craft beer state.


Beers Pictured: Coastal Evacuation Double IPA, Devil’s Reach Belgian-Style Ale, and Cape May IPA


HopFly Brewing Company

HopFly Brewing creates beers that are bold, yet approachable. Beer for every adventure.


Beers Pictured: Summer Crush India Pale Ale, First Priority India Pale Ale, The Jalapeño Saison Style Ale, and Beach Beer Session India Pale Ale


Noble Rey Brewing Co.

Established in 2012, Noble Rey Brewing Co. is the brainchild of founder and sometimes brewer, Chris Rigoulot. Noble Rey is a unique and forward thinking brew pub that opened October 1, 2015 with six core beers. “Be Noble. Drink Noble.” is not just a slogan to us, it’s our way of life.


Beers Pictured: Off The Leash Shamefully Good Texas Red Ale, Steampunk Steam Lager, Baragus B.A. American Brown Ale, and Golden Rey Dandy Bavarian Wit


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Rutt Beer Brewery

Rutt Beer is a small, home-brew brand “rooted” in the name of its brewmaster, Jeff Rutti. Rutt Beer has a personality that has no limits; one that required an engaging, fun, approachable image that reflects the beer inside the can. Beer cans designed by StudioMax Design.


Beers Pictured: Wimpy Bear Grizzly IPA, Smooth Husky Amber Lager, and Owle Luya Wheat Ale


Sawdust City Brewing Company

Located in Gravenhurst Ontario, the gateway to Muskoka, Sawdust City Brewing Company is dedicated to the art and science of creating exceptional craft beers. They produce traditional ales in an array of styles, but there is nothing traditional about the flavour. Sawdust City’s brewmaster, Sam Corbeil, and his talented team create award-winning exciting beers that expand the borders of traditional flavour profiles. The rule at Sawdust City is there are no rules. Sawdust City is here to make great beer.


Beers Pictured: Maple Butter Tart Ale


Great Raft Brewing

Great Raft Brewing is a Shreveport, Louisiana based craft brewery dedicated to making creative, authentic beer and helping to build a great beer culture within communities it serves.


Beers Pictured: Southern Drawl Pale Lager


Sycamore Brewing

At Sycamore Brewing, they believe fresh beer made with top-notch ingredients should be enjoyed by everyone. So, a few years back, with proud roots in Charlotte, Sycamore Brewing set out to brew beers that bring people together and drink easy from the first sip to the last. After humbly perfecting some of their favourite recipes over the last decade, Sycamore Brewing is honoured to share them with you.


Beers Pictured: Peak Farm Double Pale Ale


Tempt Cider

Tempt Cider, a Danish cider brand designed by DDB Denmark. “The concept is build on the that cider keeps a secret. You can not smell or taste it but cider is an alcohol. You get tempted by the innocent look, the fruity smell and the refreshing taste. You are too curious to avoid a sip and suddenly it’s you that has a secret. Therefore the cider got the name Tempt.”


Beers Ciders Pictured: Tempt No. 7 Elderflower & Blueberry, Tempt No. 9 Strawberry & Lime, and Tempt No. 2 Apple


Uinta Brewing Company

Uinta’s founder wanted to brew the country’s best beer, so he moved to the country’s least beer drinking state. He named his brewery after a mountain range that even people here mispronounce (you-in-tuh). Uinta Brewing Company has been brewing and exploring since 1993, and here’s what they’ve learned: there’s no one right way to get anywhere.


Beers Pictured: Cutthroat Pale Ale and Hop Notch IPA


Vocation Brewery

Vocation Brewery is an independent brewery based in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England. Vocation Brewery started in 2015, with two people and a van. Since then they’ve grown rapidly and now sell around four million cans a year through independent outlets, major supermarkets and world-wide export.


Beers Pictured: Pure Pilsner, Yakima Pilsner, and Dirty Pilsner


21st Amendment Brewery

In 2000, Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan founded the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco’s historic South Park neighbourhood. The popular brewpub is now at the heart of the new city centre, just south of the financial district and only two blocks from the San Francisco Giants baseball park. In addition to eight rotating taps of multiple award-winning hand-crafted house beers, the pub has been voted “Best Brewpub”, “Best Burger” and “Best Happy Hour” by the San Francisco Press.


Beers Pictured: Bitter American, Fireside Chat, and Hell or High Watermelon


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