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17 dogs of Instagram that are going to make you wish you had a cold brew RIGHT NOW

*Note: We do not endorse or encourage dogs drinking beer…but it definitely looks adorable when they act like people.

17 dogs of Instagram that are going to make you wish you had a cold brew RIGHT NOW

1. This Fetty Wap dawg from californiaipa


2. This Coors Light cuddler A.K.A. @winstonthebatdog

A cold one after a long day’s work @coorslight @coorslightuk #icecold #beerdog #instadog #frenchie #frenchbulldog #dogsofinstagram A photo posted by Winston The Frenchie (@winstonthebatdog) on


3. This smooth operator, love pooch @barleythebrewpup


4. This shade-loving, scruff-ball sheepdog from heyuheyo


5. This boston terrier dame from beanparty.yodabash


6. This smiley frenchie, @frenchiewilson


7. @lucygoosey_braquefrancais the pointer from Montreal whose BFF ordered her a beer

3 beers, 2 glasses, 1 dog. @west6th #braquefrancais #frenchpointer #west6th #birddog #gundog #beerdog #pointersofinstagram A photo posted by Lucy (@lucygoosey_braquefrancais) on


8. This stealth sipper offering some hair of the dog free of charge from wizardrommeney

#greatsouthbaybrewery @greatsouthbay #Thor #brewerydog #beerdog A photo posted by Wizard Rommeney (@wizardrommeney) on


9. This boston terrier out for a row and a brewski on a beautiful sunny day, from paddlingdogs


10. This happy husky offering free quality assurance beer assessments from andrewgrumke


11. This pug ready for Halloween in his suit of green from tcherveja


12. This…OMG…fricken’ cute blue-nose pitbull served with a side of Joe IPA from 10barrelbrewing

Joe IPA, best served with a cute puppy. : @keoni_rotten A photo posted by 10 Barrel Brewing Co (@10barrelbrewing) on


13. This pair of white pugs who know the value of good birthdays, good beer, and great pizzaaahhh from thewhitepug

Someone partied too hard on their 21st Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes everyone!!! ❤️ A photo posted by Superman & Batman (@thewhitepug) on


14. These two pooch pals who are clearly casting eyes of judgement for your #basicbeer choice from brewdogliverpool


15. This chocolate lab from snuffledogfinland who got tired of waiting for a server…


16. This pooch who is lavishing the last drop of his Guinness from flixaddiction


17. mister.charles the boxer who just doesn’t give any f#*%s about your bad fishing story

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