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20+ Halloween-Themed Beers by Canadian Craft Breweries

From all across Canada, we bring you the best beers to drink on Halloween to insure you have a boozy and spooky night!

20+ Halloween-Themed Beers by Canadian Craft Breweries

Fall and Halloween are the best time of year. The season shift brings cool temperatures, bright colors, and pumpkin spiced everything. And for us beer lovers, there are all sorts of ways to infuse beer into Halloween—from festivities like beer-themed pumpkin carving and Halloween events, to beer costumes and scary decorations, but most importantly with BEER!

Whether you’re slashing through a horror movie macabre, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner (in Canada, eh), throwing a Halloween party, or just handing out candy, we’ve got the scariest Halloween beers to accompany you:



Halloween Beers


Cereal KillerBig Spruce Brewing

(Nyanza, NS)
This rich, moderately dry stout from Big Spruce Brewing has deep chocolate, liquorice and coffee flavours. This stout will convert even the most fearful of dark beer drinkers!

ABV%: 5.4 IBU: 28

I, BraineaterBomber Brewing

(Vancouver, BC)
Bomber Brewing has brewed us the perfect Halloween beer. The aroma smells of everything you love about fall – pumpkin spice! This beer has lots of flavour to satisfy your pumpkin fever but remains light enough to enjoy the whole bottle.

ABV%: 5.8

Great Pumpkin Spiced Brown AleBushwakker Brewing

(Regina, SK)
This specialty ale is infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla and fresh ginger. Tastes just like pumpkin pie in a glass!

ABV%: 5 IBU: 20

DarklingCannery Brewing

(Penticton, BC)
If you’re spending Halloween Night by yourself, don’t beer scared! Darkling is perfect for you. This oatmeal stout balances smooth mouth feel with bittersweet roasted flavours to brighten the blackest of days.

ABV%: 5.5 IBU: 30

Weeping ReaperDead Frog Brewery

(Langley, BC)
This haunting golden lager has a splash of citrus, a sweet caress of fruit hop flavour and aroma, and a brisk dry finish. Drink this beer if you’re watching a scary movie this Halloween. You and your beer can “weep” together.

ABV%: 7 IBU: 26

Pumpkin HeadFernie Brewing Company

(Fernie, BC)
Are you a pumpkin lover? This beer is brewed with organic pumpkins, cinnamon, nutmeg and numerous spices to create a deliciously smooth brew! Sip on this while you’re carving your pumpkin of Halloween night!

ABV%: 5 IBU: 13

Beam Me UpFuggles & Warlock

(Richmond, BC)
This beer is perfect for all you space-nerds out there. Perfect if you’re watching Star Trek in your parents basement this Halloween. Or maybe you’re not a space-geek and you saw a UFO on Halloween… Quick! Grab your beer (and your camera)! Beam Me Up features organic Metta Espresso coffeee from Salt Spring Coffee in Richmond, BC.

ABV%: 5.8 IBU: 18

Cloak and DaggerGranville Island Brewing

(Vancouver, BC)
Under the cover of malty darkness, mighty hops are poised to attack. It’s a mysterious blend of flavours that could only come from Cascadia. Roasted black and chocolate malt flavours with a bold bitterness from Pacific Northwest hops. Drink this beer if you’re planning on eating braised red meat, like smoked brisket or barbecued prime rib on Halloween night!

ABV%: 6.25 IBU: 60

PumpkineaterHowe Sound Brewing

(Squamish, BC)
This Howe Sound beer was brewed in celebration of the annual North American Pumpkin Harvest.A high gravity ale that was brewed with roasted pumpkin, hops, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise.

ABV%: 9 IBU: 19

Killer KolschLoveShack Libations

(Vancouver Island, BC)
This beer is able to slay the mightiest thirst. This is an easy drinking beer, perfect for when you’re answering the door 100x a night for trick or treaters.

ABV%: 4.8 IBU: 25




For More Halloween Beers & Ideas Scary Beer Names

If you’re looking for more halloween-themed beer names, or if you want to come up with some ghoulish names for your own beers, try searching JustBeer’s database. Add popular halloween terms to your query, like: pumpkin, zombie, freak, witch, ghost, vampire, blood, monster, horror, killer, stab, clown, attack, undead, jason, panic, wolf, moon, cannibal – there are all sorts of crazy-spooky and creative beers out there.


St-Ambroise Pumpkin AleMcAuslan Brewery

(Montreal, QC)
This beer is a magical potion that casts a potent spell with its well-crafted blend of blond and caramelized malts, gentle hop, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and pumpkin. Its delicate malty character and hint of sweetness will quench any creature looking for easy-drinking refreshment.

ABV%: 5 IBU: 18

Reapers ChoiceNew Level Brewing

(Calgary, AB)
The Reaper comes ripping! This is for all you hop fiends out there! High ABV, high IBU! Perfect if you’re planning on getting slightly tipsy on Halloween.

ABV%: 7.5 IBU: 80

Lost SoulsParallel 49 Brewing

(Vancouver, BC)
The base of this beer is a robust porter that uses large amounts of chocolate malts to achieve a chocolaty flavour. Pumpkin is used in the mash along with traditional pumpkin pie spicing in the brew kettle. An English strain of yeast is used to give this beer a slightly fruity yeast derived flavour.

ABV%: 6.5 IBU: 11

Crookeder ToothPhillips Brewing & Malting Company

(Victoria, BC)
This brew uses a barrel-aging trick to put the finishing touches on a pumpkin treat! Slightly sweet and gently spiced with a soft vanilla touch. If you’re looking for something a little light, try Crookeder Tooth’s older brother Crooked Tooth.

ABV%: 7.8

Green ReaperPhillips Brewing & Malting Company

(Victoria, BC)
Fear the reaper! This beer is brewed with whole-cone hops delivered fresh to the brewhouse, this fresh hop IPA only comes once a year at harvest, so grab it if you see it!

ABV%: 6.5

Dead Elephant AleRailway City Brewing Co.

(St. Thomas, ON)
This full-bodied ale has aromas of mild malt and a robust floral bouquet. Tastes of sweet & fruity malts like apricots and mango. This beer has slight candy notes. Perfect for munching on your favourite Halloween sweets!

ABV%: 6.5 IBU: 46

Witching Hour Dark Pumpkin AleTorque Brewing

(Winnipeg, MB)
This beer is a great match with dark fall evenings. A fall tradition, this beer is roasty and spicy with a smooth pumpkin follow through.

ABV%: 6.5 IBU: 30

Jumping Jack IPA – Tree Brewing Co.

(Kelowna, BC)
This unique brew displays classic aromas and flavors of citrus and grapefruit that marry seamlessly with the flavors from real pumpkins used in the mash. Full bodied and dry, with a snappy bitterness, combined with subtle pumpkin pie spice and a clean finish make it the perfect fall brew.

ABV%: 6.5 IBU: 65


(Chambly, QC)
A beer with a spooky tale, Maudite was named after a group of Canadian lumberjacks who allegedly made a pact with the devil. As the legend goes, eight lumberjacks wanted to go home for the holidays, so they sold their soul to the devil, in return for them flying home in their canoe. However, during their passage home, one of them invoked the word of God and found a way out of the deal they made with the Devil, instantly causing the flying canoe to fall out of the sky.

ABV%: 8 IBU: 22

Deadman CreekYukon Brewing

(Whitehorse, YT)
Long before the big boys added lime flavours to their lagers, Yukon was making a wheat ale which combined natural cranberries with the tangy goodness of yeast, since the beer is unfiltered. Deadman Creek started as a seasonal beer, using only Yukon berries. Demand soon outstripped the supply, however, and they (now) only supplement with local berries when they are available. Of course, they only use pure natural cranberries, with no artificial flavours. You’re not going to be overwhelmed by the cranberries, they lurk in the shadows of this ale with their tart flavour complementing the yeast perfectly. A cloudy pour shouldn’t scare you off, as an unfiltered beer, it’s supposed to look like that – just relax and enjoy (just make sure to keep a second close by).

ABV%: 4.7


Have a Hoppy Halloween from us here at JustBeer! And remember, no matter what you’re drinking, have a fun drink responsibly!


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