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5 Tips for a Better Beer Festival Experience

Pro tips for getting the most out of your festival experience

5 Tips for a Better Beer Festival Experience

Beer festival season is starting soon, and On The Coast beer columnist Rebecca Whyman says the number of options keep growing.

There’s no official festival season, but Whyman says most take place between April and October — and as that time approaches, she has some “pro tips” for getting the most out of your festival experience.

How to make the best of your beer fest experience
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1. Read the fine print on your ticket:
  • How long is the festival?
  • What is included in the price?
  • How many tokens do you receive?
  • Is there food included?
  • Is there food available for purchase? (You may need to refuel or sop up some of your alcohol)


2. Consider bringing a pretzel necklace:

“These are not just fashion statements! Their actual purpose is twofold: to provide a wee snack as you drink, and to offer a palate cleanser between different beers.”


3. Drink water:

“Hydrating as you go will keep you happy longer, and it does aid in slowing down your consumption to help keep you from overindulging. My preferred method of hydrating is to drink the rinse water that good festivals offer between samples.”


4. Take some friends:

“Not only are things more fun with friends, but you can also tag-team your way through trying more beers if you all agree to order different beers from each brewery and then share the samples.”


5. Don’t buy too many tokens, & don’t throw them out:

“Those tiny pours really add up and I see most people with lots of leftover tokens at the end. … If the tokens are the poker chip sort, you can likely use them again the next year at the festival, so hang on to them!”

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