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5 Ways to Decorate Your Next Beer-Themed Party or Home Bar

If you’re looking for a few ways to spruce up your home bar, brewery or next beer event, we’ve got you covered…

5 Ways to Decorate Your Next Beer-Themed Party or Home Bar

In celebration of International Beer Day, we put together some beer decoration ideas for you. Maybe you work at a brewery, or want to create that bar vibe in your own home! Now let’s get to it…


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How to decorate your home for the ultimate International Beer Day party!


1. Bar Lighting & Custom Beer Signs

It’s all about ambience! Your home bar is the perfect place to get creative with lighting.

Whether you want to go for a festive look with string lights or something more sophisticated with pendant lights, there are endless possibilities. To really make your home bar shine, consider installing LED strip lights under the counter or behind the shelves, or for ultimate personalization, a customized LED neon sign.

Your band name, sports team or a favorite song lyric can add that extra pizazz. You can even find color-changing and dimmable LED neon signs to add some extra fun and flair to your space. PARTY MODE ON!


2. Personalized Glassware

Image from Glass With A Twist

Another great way to decorate your home bar is with personalized glassware. This could be anything from engraved pints and lasers growlers to monogrammed wine glasses for the non-beer swilling folk!

Not only will this add a touch of class to your bar, you won’t get anyone sipping your pint by accident during these COVID times!



3. Use Your Favorite Beer AS THE DECORATION!

You can use beer bottle caps in home bar décor to show off your love of beer, or use branded swag from the big breweries. Bottles, signs, ball caps, you name it—beer is all about swag, so use it to decorate!


You can also use bottle caps and to make coasters, bottle openers, or even wall art. You’ll have to sink a few first though!


4. Beer Bottle Art

What time is it? Beer O’clock!! Fabulous eye-catching home décor and these cool little creations can be customized with your favorite brew!



5. Beer-Themed Party Favors



Get the party started with streamers, banners and balloons create that celebration vibe. But most importantly, make sure you have plenty of beer on hand.


Don’t Forget to Stock Up Before Your Party…

Fun fact! “Beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink and the third most consumed drink after water and tea!”

You wouldn’t want to run out! International Beer Day is the perfect excuse to stock up on all your favorite brands or to try something new. Crank up the tunes, roll out the games and enjoy!


“He was a good man who invented beer.” – Plato

I concur!
Happy International Beer Day! Eat, drink and be merry!



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