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50 Beers to Drink on the Fourth of July from Every U.S. State

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate your patriotism by drinking a local beer from your home-state. Check out these must-try beers from every state in America.

50 Beers to Drink on the Fourth of July from Every U.S. State

It’s Independence Day! The federal holiday is all about celebrating American history, fireworks, barbecues, and drinking great American beer. On this year’s fourth of July, fill your cooler with local favourites from any state in America.

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Local Craft Beers From the United States for July 4th


Looking for local beers in your state?

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Bankston 88Trim Tab Brewing Company (Montgomery, american-beers-local-alabama-beerAlabama)

Bankston 88 is a wheat-based Belgian pale ale that combines light citrus flavours with a blend of Belgian yeast and west coast, and Japanese hops. In the end, you have a complex, balanced beer that proves that a session beer can have an incredible depth of flavour, all while remaining light and undeniably drinkable.
ABV%: 4.5 | IBU: 31 | SRM: 6

Kicker Session IPAAlaskan Brewing Company (Juneau, Alaska)

Inspired by 24 hours of daylight, Kicker Session IPA is an anytime brew with fruity Citra and Amarillo hops and a burst of bright citrus Simcoe hop aroma. Alaskan Kicker Session IPA is made from glacier-fed water and a generous blend of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops, and premium two-row specialty malts.
ABV%: 4.5 | IBU: 45 | SRM: 9

Grapefruit ShandySanTan Brewing Company american-beers-local-arizona-beer(Chandler, Arizona)

This Grapefruit Shandy is a delicious blend of locally sourced Arizona grapefruit juice and an American Ale. Perfect any time a crisp, citrusy treat is desired. SanTan Brewing believes that great craft beer and great craft food can be the inspiration for the conversations that can change the world!
ABV%: 4.7

American Pale AleOzark Beer Company (Little Rock, Arkansas)

This light-bodied American Pale Ale has been brewed with rye for a dry finish. The notes of grapefruits and cut grass make this ale the perfect beer for any summer day. Pair this Ozark beer with burgers, salads, and cheese.
ABV%: 4.3

Paler Shade of PaleAcoustic Ales Brewing Experimentamerican-beers-local-california-beer (San Diego, California)

This Belgian Pale Ale is a unique, brew that is perfect for the fourth of July. Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment first started brewing in 2012. They strive to brew delicious one-of-a-kind beers for hundreds of bars, restaurants, and bottle shops all over the San Diego Area, as well as many locations all over the west coast including the L.A. and Orange County area, Northern California, Arizona, and Oregon.
ABV%: 7

Princess Yum YumDenver Beer Co. (Denver, Colorado)

Princess Yum Yum is a sparkly beauty. Brewed as a German style Kölsch and fermented with real raspberries, she has the color and clarity of a ruby. At 4.8% ABV she is enticing and inviting, yet the tart, dry finish makes her just as complex as any royal. There are plenty of reasons you’ll want your own Princess Yum Yum.
ABV%: 4.8

Rise & ShineHalf Full Brewery (Stamford, american-beers-local-connecticut-beerConnecticut)

This cold brew coffee porter was brewed in collaboration with Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee of NYC and Half Full Brewery. At Half Full, they believe it’s always best to look on the bright side. They believe the present is a gift, to be cherished and enjoyed, while the future is yours, to pursue whatever you wish, and their unique brews represent that.
ABV%: 5.5 | IBU: 20

Beer for BreakfastDogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales (Milton, Delaware)

A stout tricked out with all sorts of breakfast ingredients including Guatemalan Antigua cold press coffee, Maple syrup harvested from Western Massachusetts and for the quintessential Delaware breakfast touch – Rapa Scrapple and their secret blend of spices.
ABV%: 4.9 | IBU: 33

V Twin Vienna LagerMotorworks Brewing american-beers-local-florida-beer(Brandenton, Florida)

Motorworks’ flagship lager showcases a bright copper color with a lightly-toasted Munich malt aroma and moderately-firm hop bitterness that balances out the rich Vienna malt grain bill. V Twin Vienna Lager boasts a slightly creamy mouthfeel that dries on the finish.
ABV%: 4.7 | IBU: 24

Drafty KiltMonday Night Brewing (Atlanta, Georgia)

Can you drink a Scottish-inspired beer on the fourth of July? Heck yes, you can! This roasty scotch ale is full-bodied but not too overpowering which pairs well with any Independence Day BBQ.
ABV%: 7.2 | IBU: 26

Overboard IPABig Island Brewhaus (Kamuela, Hawaii)american-beers-local-hawaii-beer

Overboard IPA is a beer for island hop heads. It begins with a big burst of dry-hop aroma and flavour, which leads to a perfect balance of malt and hop-forward character. Believe us when we say, the finish on the IPA lingers!
ABV%: 6.9 | IBU: 45

Mt. Borah BrownBertram’s Brewery (Salmon, Idaho)

Named after the highest peak in all of Idaho, Mt. Borah Brown is a very rich, smooth, brown ale has a vibrant colour and a hint of a nutty flavour.
ABV%: 5 | SRM: 15

5 Lizard5 Rabbit Cerveceria (Bedford Park, Illinois)american-beers-local-illinois-beer

Witbiers can be extremely crushable in the summer and 5 Lizard is just that. It’s creamy but spicy complexity makes this Illinois-local brew the perfect beer for anyone who is looking for an exotic flavour to pair with their July 4th dinner.
ABV%: 4.3

Osiris Pale AleSun King Brewing (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Osiris West Coast-Style Pale Ale is a bold pale ale that packs a citrus, hoppy bunch. A refreshing brew that’s perfect if you’re planning on spending the 4th of July out on the water.
ABV%: 5.6 | IBU: 50

Take A Chill PilsnerNoCoast Beer Co. (Oskaloosa, american-beers-local-iowa-beerIowa)

The stresses of high-strung modern society can really take a toll, but NoCoast is here to cure what ales you. Clear, crisp Take A Chill Pilsner is a full traditional German flavor with a touch of Vienna malt. In need of some emergency thirst-aid? Just say “Ahhhhh.”
ABV%: 5.2

Velvet RoosterTallgrass Brewing Company (Topeka, Kansas)

The first Belgian-style Tripel ever released in a can, Velvet Rooster initially launched in 2011. It’s bubbly like champagne with hints of citrus fruit, earthy-grassy notes and a sweet, candy-like finish makes this beer the perfect beer to celebrate your patriotism with.
ABV%: 8.5

ABeerAgainst The Grain Brewery (Lexington, american-beers-local-kentucky-beerKentucky)

An all American pale ale that is perfect for any Fourth of July celebration. This straight forward, refreshing ale utilizes the newest varieties of German aroma hops.
ABV%: 4.5 | IBU: 42

Holy Roller IPAUrban South Brewery (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Holy Roller is a big, bold IPA for anyone who’s caught between good intentions and bad behaviour on July 4th. This beer is for a life fully lived. Let loose and start chugging this hoppy, but refreshing ale.
ABV%: 6.3 | IBU: 60 | SRM: 10

Hoppy Table BeerAllagash Brewing Company american-beers-local-maine-beer(Portland, Maine)

This mildly hoppy brew will pair great with burgers, hot dogs, salads, or any food you choose to chow on this 4th of July. With hints of grapefruit, this light-bodied ale is extremely “crushable” and takes even better under the sun.
ABV%: 4.8

Funk Blueberry Citrus Wheat AleDuClaw Brewing Company (Mount Airy, Maryland)

If you’re looking for a little funk this Independence Day, then this is the beer for you! Slide into the groove of this soulful fusion of American wheat and hops that sets the rhythm for a stunning encore of blueberry and Meyer lemon.
ABV%: 5 | IBU: 16

JuliusTree House Brewing (Monson, Massachusetts)american-beers-local-massachusetts-beer

Bursting with 1.6 oz per gallon of American hops, Julius is loaded with notes of passionfruit, mango, and citrus. At 6.5% alcohol, it is refreshing and freakishly drinkable and perfect for any American party.
ABV%: 6.5

Boffo Brown AleDark Horse Brewing Company (Marshall, Michigan)

Some might not think of a Brown Ale as a great summer beer but Boffo Brown is a summer favourite to many at this Michigan brewery. It’s robust full body and soft mouthfeel is pushing the envelope of what an American Brown Ale is to most people. Boffo is extremely versatile and can be paired with hearty food and sips of bourbon or mild cheeses and sunny days.
ABV%: 7 | IBU: 26


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Wagon PartyBauhaus Brew Labs (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

All kinds of people made the wagon trip into the Wild West: bankers from Boston, carpenters from Ohio, even brewers from Bavaria. After fording rivers and not dying of cholera or exhaustion, these brave folks would have enjoyed a tasty beer at the end of the trail. Fermented with lager yeast at higher ale temperatures, this beer is an homage to an American beer style that emerged during the California Gold Rush. Its firm, grainy maltiness and hoppy aromas of tangerine, apricot and citrus will make you want to party like it’s 1849.
ABV%: 5.4 | IBU: 55

Suzy BSouthern Prohibition Brewing (Hattiesburg, american-beers-local-mississippi-beerMississippi)

Southern Prohibition is a brewery created by people devoted to achieving excellence through process and tradition, while always questioning and improving upon those same fundamentals. Suzy B Blonde Ale is for all the southern bells looking for a refreshing light ale.
ABV%: 5

Cucumber SaisonMother’s Brewing Company (Springfield, Missouri)

If you’re looking for a refreshing, crushable beer to celebrate the fourth of July with – this is it. This traditional Belgian Saison is loaded with cucumber, has a creamy mouthfeel, but also packs a spicy character. It’s everything you’d ever want in a Saison on a hot, summer day.
ABV%: 5.2 | IBU: 21

Solar Power Super BockBozeman Brewing Company american-beers-local-montana-beer(Bozeman, Montana)

This classic Maibock is brewed to celebrate the great beer and warm weather. Bozeman Brewing used American and European ingredients to create this super brew that is light in colour, malty flavour with enough hops to create balance. This solar powered lager has quite the kick.
ABV%: 7.6 | IBU: 33

EOS HefeweizenNebraska Brewing Company (Lincoln, Nebraska)

This award winning Hefeweizen is both fruity and spicy with flavours of cloves, nutmeg, vanilla and banana. This sweet brew from the heartland is a fourth of July must-have.
ABV%: 5.2 | IBU: 13

Apple SaisonCommon Cider Company (Carson City, american-beers-local-nevada-beerNevada)

While we know cider isn’t actually a beer, we thought we’d throw in this Nevada cider for anyone who is full from beer, gluten-free, or just looking for something a little sweeter and lighter than a regular beer. The apple notes in this cider are soft and smooth, with a very clean finish. Pairs perfectly with a melty grilled cheese sandwich or a plate of wings.
ABV%: 6.5

1866Smuttynose Brewing Company (Hampton, New Hampshire)

A beer perfect for the university student. 1866 was brewed to celebrate the University of New Hampshire’s 150th anniversary. Get all your old dorm mates together on July 4th to crush this English Bitter.
ABV%: 4.3

Devil’s ReachCape May Brewing Company (Cape May american-beers-local-newjersey-beerCounty, New Jersey)

A Belgian beast, fruity and light, the complexity and character of Devil’s Reach comes from a robust Belgian yeast. Deceptively simple, caution is demanded because, before you know it, Devil’s Reach has swallowed you whole.
ABV%: 8.6 | IBU: 25 | SRM: 4

Single Barrel SourSanta Fe Brewing Co. (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Aged for 18 months, this single barrel sour ale was sure worth the wait. This beer is perfect for any wine-lovers that are looking for a beer to drink on July 4th. Santa Fe Brewing combined Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces to bring the worlds of wine and beer together. The flavours of Lactobacillus, white grapes, tannic, tart aromas of French oak leave you with a crisp dry finish.
ABV%: 8.5

Tangerine Summer DreamAdirondack Brewery (Lake american-beers-local-newyork-beerGeorge, New York)

Brewed especially for hot summer days and balmy Adirondack nights; dried tangerine peel and tropical-aroma hop varieties are added to the whirlpool for a unique tangerine and citrus flavour that results in a crisp, sessionable ale that is sure to become your favourite summer ale.
ABV%: 4.7 | IBU: 20 | SRM: 15

The JalapeñoHopFly Brewing Company (Rocky Mount, North Carolina)

A North Carolina classic. Fresh jalapeño additions provide aroma, flavor, and spice throughout. The natural spiciness and earthiness of the Saison provide the perfect backbone for the pepper, allowing the heat to shine through without being overwhelming. The heat clears up just in time for your next sip.
ABV%: 6.5

Haze CrazyFargo Brewing Company (Fargo, North american-beers-local-northdakota-beerDakota)

Haze Craze is a hazy IPA style that is huge on juicy, citrus hop aroma and flavour! The hazy appearance comes from the aggressive amount of late-hop and dry-hop additions of Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra. The combination of these late addition hops produces an easy drinking beer that is low on bitterness and big on flavour.
ABV%: 4.8 | IBU: 52

Chillwave Double IPAGreat Lakes Brewing Company (Cleveland, Ohio)

The perfect brew if you’re looking for a bitter drink to keep your refreshed while out on the water. Inspired by the North Coast’s dedicated (and sometimes chilly) surf community, this Double IPA will melt the ice in your beard and never lose its balance. Earthy, tropical Mosaic hops ride frontside here, followed by a deft cutback of sweet honey malt.
ABV%: 9 | IBU: 80

Bump N’ GrindThe Willows Family Ales (Tulsa, american-beers-local-oklahoma-beerOklahoma)

Celebrate Independence Day with your family while sipping on a Saison brewed by a family-owned brewery. The Willows Family Ales wanted to enhance this beer without adding a big roasted profile and we think they achieved that perfectly.
ABV%: 8

Trail Beer10 Barrel Brewing Company (Bend, Oregon)

The beer for anyone who is planning on spending the fourth of July hiking, camping or spending the day somewhere in the wilderness. Refreshingly bright body with nuances of fresh citrus and pine, Trail Beer will keep you feeling hydrated all day long.
ABV%: 5 | IBU: 60

Croydon Cream AleNeshaminy Creek Brewing Company american-beers-local-pennsylvania-beer(Croydon, Pennsylvania)

Often called your typical American lawnmower beer, cream ales are not unlike their American light lager cousin. Brewed with American 2 & 6 Row Barley, Flaked Maize, a touch of Munich malt, and of course, sugar, Croydon Cream Ale is light, refreshing, and easy to drink. Neshaminy Creek Brewing also uses American Cluster and Czech Saaz hops that give it a touch of hop bitterness and a hint of floral aromatics.
ABV%: 4.2 | IBU: 13 | SRM: 3

Rhode Island Blueberry AleNewport Storm Brewery (Newport, Rhode Island)

This blueberry is made with real, hand-pressed Rhode Island blueberries. If you’re looking for something that is still extremely refreshing, but a little on the sweeter side, then this beer is the one for you.
ABV%: 4.6 | IBU: 11 | SRM: 9

Bohemian PilsnerRiver Rat Brewery (Columbia, South american-beers-local-southcarolina-beerCarolina)

This award-winning Pilsner is light-bodied, clean, and crisp. Its finish leaves just a touch of bitter hops on your palate. This Bohemian Pilsner is crisp enough to cut right through spicy meals. Pair this beer with jerk chicken or spicy blackened fish. Not into spice? It will also match up great nicely baked ham and shellfish.
ABV%: 4.6

Farmhouse AleFernson Brewing Company (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

A beer that pays homage to the seasonal farmhands (Saisonniers) who earned up to five litres of this beer style every workday, this award-winning Farmhouse Ale is a French-style petite Saison with notes of citrus and spice. This bright, crisp beer is refreshing in every way. Whether you just got in from the field or back from a long day in the office, raise a glass to some whatever work you do and unwind with a Farmhouse.
ABV%: 4.5 | IBU: 24

Bivouac Black IPAHutton & Smith Brewing Company american-beers-local-tennesee-beer(Chattanooga, Tennessee)

This black IPA has a bold, resinous hop with pine needles, grapefruit, and a touch of orange, matched with roasty malt and full body. Bivouac Black IPA won a gold medal in the American Black Ale category at the 2018 World Beer Cup.
ABV%: 8.9 | IBU: 100

Half IPAAustin Beerworks (Austin, Texas)

Here’s a secret: This is really an American Pale Ale. But Austin Beerworks calls it Half IPA because they do what they want. Light hop additions during the boil and tons of dry hopping with Simcoe and Citra mean the bitterness is low, but the hop flavor and aroma are high. Made specifically for summertime in Austin, it’s great for sitting poolside, dockside. If you don’t have a boat, it goes perfectly fine with a bowl of ice in your bathtub.
ABV%: 4.5 | IBU: 45

Amber AleKiitos Brewing (Salt Lake City, Utah)american-beers-local-utah-beer

This Amber Ale’s deep, rich hues and caramel character make it a balanced beer. Pair your amber ale with grilled meats, like steak, sausages, and lamb. This beer will also intensify flavours in various cheeses.
ABV%: 4 | IBU: 22 | SRM: 13

VT IPALong Trail Brewing (Bridgewaters Corners, Vermont)

This Vermont IPA immediately washes over your palate with big notes of sweet pineapple, mango and orange. It is followed by a certain ready maltiness that is soft and low in terms of bitterness. This is a simple and uncomplicated brew, perfect for any occasion.
ABV%: 6 | IBU: 30

The LoveStarr Hill Brewery (Crozet, Virginia)american-beers-local-virginia-beer

This unfiltered wheat beer, also known as a hefeweizen, is extremely light bodied with a sweet fruity aroma. Surprisingly, this beer finishes with a slight spicy note. The Love is the perfect beer for you if you’re planning on spending the fourth of July with your crush.
ABV%: 5.1 | IBU: 9

Washington GoldAslan Brewing Company (Bellevue, Washington)

Washington Gold was brewed in celebration of the 11th annual Seattle Beer Week. This pilsner has a rich, smooth taste, brewed with our Whatcom County water and only the finest malts and hops.
ABV%: 4.9 | IBU: 33

Devil’s Gulch Pale AleMountain State Brewing Co. american-beers-local-westvirginia-beer(Morgantown, West Virginia)

This West Virginia pale ale is easy-drinking and brewed with an experimental variety of West Coast hops for a citrusy flavour that is just slightly devilish. It’s the perfect brew to drink after a big, delicious meal.
ABV%: 5.4

GrootOliphant Brewing (Somerset, Wisconsin)

Gruit beers are often brewed with botanicals instead of hops. Oliphant Brewing’s “Groot” style ale is brewed with rainbow peppercorn, juniper berries, clove, and coriander. This unique brew will amp up any fourth of July party.
ABV%: 6

Drunken MasterMelvin Brewing (Cheyenne, Wyoming)american-beers-local-wyoming-beer

This beast of a beer is perfect for anyone looking to let loose and get a little lot tipsy this fourth of July. With an unbeatable combination of Citra, Amarillo and Columbus hops this brew has the perfect combination of bitter and citrus to pedestal a big malt character. Looks like sunshine in a glass and tastes like a goddamn dream.
ABV%: 9.5

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