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6 Fruity Beer Cocktails You Need to Try if You Have a Sweet Tooth

If you love fruity and sweet beers, these beer cocktail recipes are the perfect summer drinks for you to sip in the sun or on a patio!

6 Fruity Beer Cocktails You Need to Try if You Have a Sweet Tooth

As the warmer seasons approach, it’s time to switch out those warm winter drinks for refreshing spring & summer beers. If you love a sweeter or fruitier beer over a sour or hoppy beer, then these fruit beer recipes are the perfect patio drink for you.


6 DIY Fruit Beer Recipes
Beer Cocktails for Fruit Beer Lovers


Watermelon Beer Cocktail

You read that right. What is more refreshing than a juicy watermelon? This watermelon beer recipe only requires 2 ingredients: watermelon and a wheat beer! Learn how to make your own Watermelon Beer at home here.


Blackberry Lemonade Beer

This blackberry lemon beer recipe is a delicious cocktail made with vodka, raspberry lemonade, and a refreshing beer of your choice. Learn how to make this delicious summer cocktail here.


Fresh Grapefruit Radler (Grapefruit Beer)

Okay, this fruit is not-so-sweet, but nonetheless still a delicious mix. If you’re into the more tangy and sour fruits, the Grapefruit Radler will blow your mind. Click here to learn how to make a Grapefruit Radler.

How to make a texas radler


Mango Beer Cocktail (Mango Michelada)

If you love tropical fruits with a kick, this chili mango beer recipe will take you straight to the islands. This beer cocktail recipe is made with Mexican beer, mangos, and chili powder. It’s the perfect beer to pair with a round of tacos. Learn how to make a Mango Michelada here.


Pineapple Beer Cocktail

This pineapple beer recipe makes the best summer party cocktail. Made with an IPA and pineapple chunks, topped with Pineapple sorbet, it’s guaranteed to cool you off on a hot day. Learn how to make this refreshing pineapple beer cocktail here.

pineapple beer


Strawberry Lemonade Beer Cocktail

Strawberry lemonade has never tasted better. This summer beer cocktail recipe is made with strawberry chunks, lemonade, sugar, and a refreshing light beer (almost like a blonde ale). Learn how to make a strawberry beer lemonade here.


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