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6 Valentine’s Day Beer Labels Perfect for Last Minute Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the best gift to give is the gift of beer. However, make it special with these personalized Valentine’s Day beer labels!

6 Valentine’s Day Beer Labels Perfect for Last Minute Gifts

Searching for a last minute Valentine’s day gift for the special someone in your life? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. If you don’t have a perfect beer gift yet, JustBeer presents to you, Valentine’s beer labels! You are 100% winning V-Day gift of the year when you give the gift of beer. It is known.

It is known gif


“Happy Valentine’s Beer” Weatherproof Beer Labels from LoveIsFun65!

These weatherproof labels can be ordered in 12s of pink, blue, or a mix of both. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift from both him and her!

valentines beer labels


Personalized Corona Labels

Prep for a beach beercation with these personalized labels from LaughingWillowDesign on Etsy. Perfect for the cerveza lover in your life.

valentines beer labels


Galentine’s Day Beer Label for Your BFF

These floral Galentine labels from iCustomLabel will have you covered for your beer loving friend! Or for yourself… whatever floats your boat.

valentines beer label



Valentine’s Day Beer Labels with Carrying Case

Because as cute as a bouquet of beer sounds, adhering bottles to stems is difficult and somewhat dangerous. Grab these labels and the matching case from Personalization Mall.

valentines beer labels


Zazzle Valentine Beer Labels

Zazzle has a whole section of adorable beer labels perfect for Valentine’s Day! This is the cutest way to show your beer geek that you’re head over heels for them!

valentines beer labels


If you’re super last minute, you can print these free printable Valentine’s Day beer labels!

We’re not hopping you. You are our Valentine, so of course, we wanted to give you a little something. We made these printable Valentine beer labels just for you!

valentines beer labels

valentines beer labels


How to use JustBeer’s Valentine’s Day Beer Labels:

  1. Save the above pictures to your computer. (Right click, then click “save as” or press and hold to save on iOS or Android)
  2. Print the pictures on letter-sized paper, card stock or adhesive sheets. (Make sure you select fill paper!)
  3. Trim your labels
  4. Adhere to any standard size beer bottle
  5. Give to your Valentine!
  6. Soak up the love!


Don’t know what kind of beer to get your Valentine? We’ve got that covered too. Check out our #drinklocal section to find awesome beer & breweries near you!


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