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7 Simple Beer Slushie Recipes You Can Make From Home

Nothing says summer like an ice cold beer! Let’s take it a step further and make it slushie! These beer slushy recipes are the perfect summer beer cocktail to drink on your patio on a hot day.

7 Simple Beer Slushie Recipes You Can Make From Home

When the sun comes out, we know its patio season. However, due to the COVID pandemic, “patio season” in 2020 might look like sitting in a lawn chair outside your house, six feet apart from your friends. But that’s okay! While a cold, clean and crisp beer may suffice – let’s take it a step further with a beer cocktail – or better yet, icy beer slushies. What is a beer slushie, you ask? Well, it’s essentially the beer version of a Slurpee. Or a margarita. Sometimes called, a “beergarita.”

We’ve compiled a list of the most refreshing and delicious beer slushie recipes you can easily make from home during quarantine season, so you might not miss the patios too much.


7 Icy Beer Slushy Recipes For The Summer


Mango IPA Slushie

If you love a good tropical flavour, this Mango IPA Slushed Beer is the perfect beer cocktail for you. Pick your favourite IPA and get out your blender because this drink will change your life.

Mango IPA Slushie\


Beer Margarita Slushies

Beer lovers, our refreshing summer cocktail is here. Beer margaritas (or beergaritas) are made with a light and refreshing beer, some margarita mix and garnished with a lime. Use your favourite summer beer for this mix and taste the summertime.


Manhattan Beer Slushie

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What the heck is a Manhattan Beer Slushie?” – well, just about the best thing you’ll ever taste in your life. That is if you enjoy your Lagers with a splash of bourbon, orange liqueur and cherries.

Beer Slushie


Cherry Beer Slushies

A cherry flavoured beer sounds appetizing on its own, but a cherry beer slush has to take the cake. This beer slushie recipe is made with wheat beer, cherry juice (or liqueur) and cherry grenadine.


Raspberry Peach IPA Slushy


Slushed beer, not your thing?
Try out these other beer cocktails perfect for summer,
without the slush.

Beer Shandy Slushies

Calling all Guinness lovers. This beer shandy slushie is made with Guinness Blonde American Lager and lemonade. We know your mouth just watered.


Cherry Ginger Beer Slush

And last, but definitely not least, this cherry flavoured Ginger Beer slushy is basically the beer smoothie you never knew you needed.


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