1. Sweet Breakfasts


Try having a Sweet Stout with breakfast instead of your everyday coffee. Check out this French toast recipe for your next Sunday brunch.


2. Oysters


Oysters and Guinness is one of the world’s best classic beer pairings. Find a local pub that has “Buck-A-Shuck” night and go crazy!


3. Beefy Stews


A dark stout or porter is the perfect drink pairing for your delicious beefy stew! Looking for a new recipe? Try out this Guinness Beef Stew.


4. Boiled Bacon and Cabbage


This classic St. Patrick’s Day meal can only get better paired with a smooth dark creamy Irish stout. Mmmm.


5. BBQ Ribs or Smoked Brisket


BBQ’d meats tastes perfectly with an American-style porter. Want to add a bit more beer into your meal? Try making your own beer BBQ sauce!


6. Strong Cheeses


Dark beers and a strong cheese is a match made in heaven!


7. Chocolate Cakes and Desserts


If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and enjoy black coffee with your chocolate, you’ll enjoy a porter or an imperial stout too. Try making cupcakes with your favourite porter.


8. Vanilla Ice Cream


An imperial stout and vanilla ice cream can make a great float!

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