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7 Places in Calgary to Have a Beer and Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you missed out on the PokemonGo craze, but you’re a die-hard Potter Head. Grab your phone and have your wands at the ready, we’re about to tell you the best places to grab a pint and play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in Calgary!

7 Places in Calgary to Have a Beer and Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite hasn’t officially been released in Canada yet, but its slated start June 21st. For Potter Heads young and old, this is a long-awaited adventure. In the coming weeks, expect to see groups of people carefully studying their phones while walking up and down the city’s streets. You’ll probably also hear random words that make no sense, like muggle, dementor or patronus.

This Harry Potter themed game is the newest release from gaming giant, Niantic. It’s expected to use the same framework as Ingress and PokemonGo, which means that current Pokestops and Gyms will likely translate as tasks and items for the new wizarding game. If you want to play, but would rather sit on a comfy stool enjoying your favourite craft beer, here’s a list of the best places in town to do that!


7 Places in Calgary to Get a Beer and Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite


Last Best Brewing Company – 607 11 Ave SW

It’s our privilege to be the community liaison for beer, and beer culture, and we don’t take this role lightly. The beers we make are a direct reflection of the values and personalities of you – our customers and our community. We believe that pubs should be hubs that bring people together; a place where we can grow community, and the culture of beer, in a fun and interactive environment.

JustBeer Recommends: Beltline Blonde


Craft Beer Market – 345 10 Ave SW

CRAFT Beer Market is a premium casual restaurant with a passion for fresh local food and great craft beer. Launched in Calgary in 2011, the CRAFT movement has been spreading ever since, bringing our special recipe of sophisticated comfort food, unique craft beers and active community involvement to new cities every year.

JustBeer Recommends: Tucker’s Ale


National Beerhall – 341 10 Ave SW

National is a restaurant and entertainment venue inspired by North American tastes, with games and events, extraordinary food, and select craft beers.

JustBeer Recommends: Parallel 49 Trash Panda IPA


Bottlescrew Bill’s – 140 10 Ave SW

Located on the site of the old Calgary Press Club, on the corner of 10th Avenue and 1st Street SW; it is right behind the Calgary Tower and a short walk from several downtown hotels. Buzzards Restaurant (EST. 1980) is a part of Bottlescrew Bill’s and serves the same menus.

In the summer, a large covered patio stretches around the south and west side of both the restaurant and the pub, while an enclosed and heated Beer Garden offers year-round seating at the back of the pub.

JustBeer Recommends: Buzzard’s Breath Ale


The Unicorn – 223 8 Ave SW, Calgary

Locally owned and operated, The Unicorn is Calgary’s Superpub! Three bars in one building, each with great food, great people, and the best specials on Stephen Ave. Whether you’re visiting or call this great city home, there’s only one Unicorn.

JustBeer Recommends: Grizzly Paw Beavertail Raspberry Ale


Pig & Duke – 503 4 Avenue SW

The Pig & Duke is a traditional Canadian Pub with Celtic Flair. Boasting 2000 sq ft of reclaimed barn wood, farm fence and mason brick (Connaught Location) from the surrounding areas of Calgary, the Pig & Duke’s focus has been to provide a comfortable neighbourhood pub.

JustBeer Recommends: Fernie Slingshot IPA


Barley Mill – 201 Barclay Parade SW

The Barley Mill has long been known for great summer patios where one can enjoy a wide range of draught beers, premium scotches and outstanding food in a unique setting in the heart of Calgary’s downtown. All the management and staff at the Barley Mill welcome you and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

JustBeer Recommends: Bomber Brewing Pilsner


From the Barley Mill, you’re just a short walk away from Prince’s Island Park, a public park owned by the City of Calgary. This means you are only allowed G-rated beverages, so make sure to abide by the law and not get in trouble with the muggle police.

Prince’s Island Park has long been a Pokemon Go hotspot, and for good reason. This tiny island park has dozens of Gyms and Pokestops, so there’s a very good chance it will be Calgary’s version of Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. Just make sure to keep an eye on where you’re walking, or you may wind up in the river!

JustBeer Recommends: Sunscreen, Water, Mobile Charging Pack, Wand, Invisibility Cloak and Felix Felicis (liquid luck)


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