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8 Seattle Breweries to Visit During Seattle Craft Beer Week

From May 9 – May 19, 2019 is Seattle Beer Week. Here’s a list of events and Seattle-based breweries you need to check out during Seattle’s craft beer week.

8 Seattle Breweries to Visit During Seattle Craft Beer Week

What is Seattle Beer Week?

Seattle Beer Week is all about celebrated local Seattle beer. 2019 Seattle Beer Week is the 11th year of Seattle Beer Week and it is running from May 9th – May 19th. Seattle Beer Week started as an idea to create an event for the beer traveller and has turned into a 10-day long beer-extravaganza taking place all over Seattle and surrounding cities in Washington.

Seattle is the perfect city to host a beer week. Why? Because Washington state is home to the second largest hop-growing region in the world.


Official Beer of Seattle Beer WeekScreen Shot 2019-05-07 at 5.02.50 PM

In celebration of the 11th annual Seattle Beer Week, Aslan Brewing Company has brewed the Washington Gold. This Pilsner style lager has a rich smooth taste, brewed with pure Whatcom County water and only the finest malts and hops. Naturally brewed the hard way using old world techniques rarely found in brewing these days. The decoction mashing, all natural carbonation and long slow ageing ensure that this is no downstream beer. For an authentic lager, brewed slowly and naturally, reach for a Washington Gold — with an ABV% of 4.9 and an IBU of 33, this one goes to 11.


Seattle Beer Week Events:

Many Seattle based breweries, restaurants, cafes, etc. like to host events in honour of Seattle Beer Week. For the ten days of Seattle Beer Week, you can attend events such as an IPA Blind Tasting, a Beer-B-Q, a Name That Turn competition, a tea and beer tasting, and the list goes on. Your schedule is going to be jam-packed!

Click here for the full list of Seattle Beer Week events.


Seattle Breweries You Need To Go To During Seattle Beer Week

If you can’t attend any of the events, check out these great breweries local to Seattle. Try their flagship beers and rate them on your JustBeer App. Cheers!


Elysian Brewing Company

Three-time Large Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, Elysian Brewing Company operates three locations and a production brewery in Seattle, Washington. Known both for classic styles and for flexibility and innovation, Elysian has brewed over 500 different recipes since opening in 1996.



Flying Lion Brewing

Flying Lion is a family operation in Columbia City, Seattle, conceived by four beer-loving brothers and their parents. It all started with root beer batches in the basement and dinner-table discussions about beer flavours and hop utilization. Years, beers, and many late nights later, they built the brewery they’d always dreamed of right in south Seattle.


Fremont Brewing

Fremont Brewing is a family-owned craft brewery that was founded in 2009. Fremont Brewing’s mission is to brew artisan beers made with the best local ingredients they can find… because beer matters. Fremont is industrial and sleekly postmodern – home to artists, fisherpeople, tradespeople, technology geeks, and lots of beer lovers.



Future Primitive Brewing

The brewers at Future Primitive strive to realize the veritable form of beer as Plato might have envisioned. They challenge themselves every day to improve their brewing processes, source better materials, foster healthier relationships, soldiering forward on an endless march of discovery. In their effort to realize the future, Future Primitive Brewing deeply respects the enduring relevance of their primitive past. As they rediscover old techniques, outdated methods, and forgotten styles, they are reminded that one person’s progress is another’s devolution.


Georgetown Brewing Company

Georgetown is the largest independent brewery in Washington state. Owners, Manny and Roger, became friends over their love of ultimate frisbee and drinking beer. They both quit their jobs and started Georgetown Brewing Company.



Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Brews is a small, family-owned brewery located in the Ballard neighbourhood of Seattle, WA. During Seattle Beer Week, Reuben’s Brews is hosting their favourite events of the year. Click here to see their events.


Silver City Brewery

For most in the Puget Sound, when you look west at the Olympic Mountains you’re looking right at the “Silver City”. The convergence point right before you jump off into the wilderness of the Olympic National Forest on your way to the Pacific Ocean, resting between the edge of the Puget Sound and the base of the Olympic Mountains, rests Silver City. This Urban-Suburban experience is a sweet brewer’s mash of Seattle city life and breathtaking outdoor adventure, all within ones reach. Beer, well made, brings the people of the “Silver City” together in celebration of having it all.


The Pike Brewing Company

Located in the Pike Place Market, The Pike Brewing Company is a great place to hang out in Seattle. Also home to the Microbrewery Museum, you can learn all the history behind the beer your drinking. Pike Place Brewing offers brewery tours and tastings Wednesday – Sunday.



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