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9 Easy & Delicious Beer Float Recipes

If you need a new favourite summer treat, we have one that you will not be able to resist. Beer and ice cream are two things you crave on a hot summer day, so why not put them together and make a beer ice cream float? But before you go out and grab just any beer and any ice cream, learn what pairs well!

9 Easy & Delicious Beer Float Recipes

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How To Make a Beer Float

Making a beer float is just as easy as making a root beer float, only this is just for adults! Many sites will suggest pouring the ice cream and then the beer, while others will tell you to do the opposite. In our experience, both work just fine. The only difference is that pouring beer first lets you calculate exactly how much beer you want in your glass. When you pour beer last, you have to pour around the ice cream, which may leave less room for beer and cause more foam. However, you can just wait for the foam to die down, top off the float and drink up!

  1. Pick a beer with a sweet finish: A bitter beer with an overly sweet ice cream is not a great balance.
  2. Place hefty scoops of ice cream in a glass: Two to three scoops works well with eight to twelve ounces of liquid.
  3. Pour your beer: The best way to pour beer is by tilting the glass. Once it’s filling up, you can start straightening it until the glass is full. This will keep the beer from foaming too much.
  4. Add toppings: For those looking for extra sweetness, you may want to top with chocolate chips, sprinkles or even whipped cream.


Beer Ice Cream Float Ideas

The only thing to keep in mind when creating a beer and ice cream float are the flavour profiles of the beer and ice cream. If you are using a sweeter beer such as a chocolate milk stout, choose a simple ice cream like peanut butter. Here are nine ideas beer float combinations you’ll want to try!

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Beer and Ice Cream Pairing Suggestions

Now, you may still be asking: “Can you mix beer with ice cream?” The answer is yes! As you can see, there are a variety of flavours you can pair together for beer ice cream floats! Even better, decorate with fun signs and custom barware, and throw a party for the beer lovers in your life.

Here are some of our favourite ice cream and beer combinations:

Stouts and Porters:

Ice cream pairing: Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, coconut, caramel, peanut butter, dulce de leche


Ice cream pairing: Strawberry, raspberry, goat cheese, cherry, grapefruit

Red Ales:

Ice cream pairing: Vanilla, cherry, chocolate

Berry Lambics:

Ice cream pairing: Chocolate, vanilla, caramel

Summer Ales:

Ice cream pairing: Lemon, grapefruit and orange sorbets


Which one will you try first?


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