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9 Movies and Craft Beer Pairings for a Rainy Day

With cooler weather on its way, you need to be prepared. Here are 9 of the best craft beer and movie pairings to enjoy on your next cozy movie night!

9 Movies and Craft Beer Pairings for a Rainy Day

While there are still a few weeks of summer still left to enjoy, you still need to be prepared for the inevitable autumn weather just around the corner! With chilly, rainy weekends just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of your favourite flicks and brews for a movie night in! We tried to hit all of the genres, along with a variety of different beer styles for you to mix and match!



Beer Pairings for Movie Night:
The Best Movie & Beer Pairings for Every Genre



Horror Choice: Blair Witch Project

ipa-beer-movies-horrorBeer Pairing for Horror movies: Black Diamond Brewing Company’s White Witch IPA

This one might keep you up at night, but at least this IPA is here to make it a little easier. Or, the witch on the bottle might trigger your fear all over again.

6.3% ABV • IBU 63



Comedy Movie: Tropic Thunder

pale ale-movies-beer-comedyBeer Pairing for Comedy Movies: Brothers Brewing Company’s Tropic Thunder Pale Ale

A movie that, hopefully, will soon be considered a classic. Tropic Thunder features great performances from the likes of Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr. and explores new ideas in filmmaking – much like the Tropic Thunder Pale Ale, which ventures into new flavours.

5.2% ABV • IBU 30




Drama: The Departed

strong ale-movie-drama-beerThe Best Beer Pairing for Drama Movies: Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Undercover Investigation Shut-Down

A movie as winding and complicated as The Departed needs a beer just as complex. An American Strong Ale is the perfect companion to watching a drama this deep. It’s strong enough that you won’t overthink it!

9.3% ABV • IBU 67





Musical: La La Land

beer-movies-pairing-musicalMusical Movie & Beer Pairing: Wellington Brewery’s Dinner Music

And the Oscar goes to… not La La Land. However, the runner up to Moonlight featured beautiful performances from Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and watching with the Dinner Music blonde ale is sure to keep your spirits up.

4.5% ABV • IBU 18 • SRM 3





Action: John Wick

lager-beer-action-movie-pairingMovie and Craft Beer Pairing for Action Films: Two Brothers Brewing Company’s Dog Days

If you know the movie, you’re aware of the significance of dogs. If not, I invite you to watch John Wick and enjoy this lager.

5.1% ABV • IBU 27





Romance: P.S. I Love You

romance-movie-beer-pairingRomance Movie Beer Pairing: The Commons Brewery’s Flemish Kiss

A Flemish Kiss sounds like something that would be a tradition in an old Irish town. Kind of touching for a movie like P.S. I Love You, right?

6.3% ABV






Documentary: Free Solo

free solo-doc-beer-movieMovie & Beer Pairing for Documentaries: Crazy Mountain Brewing Company’s Crazy Mountain Amber Ale

If you know anything about this movie, you know it is one of the wildest documentaries to watch. This amber ale should take the edge off as you witness Alex Honnold scale El Capitan with no ropes!

5.25% ABV • IBU 25 • SRM 11





Thriller: Zodiac

rye-beer-movie-zodiac-thrillerCraft Beer and Movie Pairing for Thriller: Phillips Brewing & Malting Company’s Cereal Killer

If you’ve ever heard of the Zodiac, then you know it is quite a mystery about a notorious serial killer. This “Cereal Killer” rye beer will get you through the flick, and maybe inspire you to try and solve it from home.

7.2% ABV





Science Fiction: Interstellar

pale ale-beer-movie-pairing-scifiCraft Beer Pairing for Sci-Fi Films: Townsite Brewing’s Timewarp

The entire movie can only be described as a mind-f%&k, so there’s no better beer than the Timewarp – something in between a pale ale and an IPA.

5.5% ABV • IBU 35 • SRM 14




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