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JustBeer’s Guest Submission & Editorial Contribution Guidelines

JustBeer gathers and organizes beer-exclusive topics in an effective way for community members to immerse themselves in beer content and culture from around the world. This is your opportunity to be part of this incredible community of writers and beer enthusiasts.

JustBeer’s Guest Submission & Editorial Contribution Guidelines

Want to contribute to the online beer community?

Do you have an awesome article idea for JustBeer? We are always looking for people who are excited about all things beer to write about what they know. Whether you’re already a published writer, have your own blog or you’re just getting started and need a reputable platform, we want to read your original stories.


How does Guest Posting for JustBeer work?

To submit a guest post for JustBeer, create a free JustBeer account and write a post. Once your post is complete, save it as “pending review” for our editorial team to review it. If your post is approved, your post will be published to the site with your name listed as the author– given full credit.


Guest Post Guidelines

On JustBeer, we require our guest posts to follow specific guidelines in order to be approved for publication. We ask that you review these guidelines before submitting your content to JustBeer for review.

In order to be considered for publication on JustBeer, all articles and content submissions should:
  • Be relevant, beer-related or align with JustBeer brand
  • Be original content written by the submitter. Contains no plagiarized content.
  • Not be identical to a topic that is already on JustBeer. (i.e. If we already have an article on How to Play Beer Pong on the site, submissions on the same topic will be rejected.)
  • Not be posted anywhere else (with the exception of your own blog/personal pages)
  • Be well-written, well-researched and contain adequate grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Be over 300 words in length
  • Contain high-quality images (square or landscape– portrait images will not be accepted) with image sources included
  • Contain citations (hyperlinked) to credible sources for data and statistics
  • Contain a brief author bio at the end of the post (this can include links to your blog, social media channels, etc.)
  • Not be promotional or a sponsored post


Guest Post vs Sponsored Post

A guest post is original content that is written or created by an independent writer, blogger or beer lover to share information on a topic. While these may contain links to products or other sites, these are not the main focus of the article. Sponsored or promotional content is written in order to promote a brand, product or event. On JustBeer, we reserve the right to decline guest submissions that are considered sponsored content or promotional.

If you’re looking to promote a brand, product, event or advertise on JustBeer, please visit our advertise with us page.


Press Releases

JustBeer accepts press release submissions, however, we reserve the right to reject press releases at the discretion of our editorial team.


When submitting a guest post, please note that our editors/editorial team reserve the right to:
  • Reject submissions
  • Edit, revise, update submissions
  • Include call-to-actions and links to JustBeer content and social channels in submitted content
  • Remove or unpublish previously posted submissions


Create an account to submit your post to be reviewed by the JustBeer editorial team!


Frequently Asked Questions About
Becoming a Guest Writer for JustBeer


What type of guest posts can you contribute to JustBeer?

You can submit any posts related to beer. You can find our categories in the “News” tab of our navigation.


Can I write local or international content?

Both! We’ve added geotagging to the posts to give you greater control over where your content is seen. If the location is in the title of your guest post or within your article (“city name, state/province” format), your guest post will be automatically pinned to that city’s beer guide upon publication.


How long does it take for an article to get reviewed/published?

The timeline for content reviewal is dependent on the volume of submissions. You can typically expect a response about whether your submission has been accepted or rejected and its publish date via email within 5 business days.


What happens if I don’t get published? / Why didn’t my article get published?

If your article is rejected, it’s likely because it did not fit our submission guidelines. When this happens, we’ll let you know and you are welcome to submit a revised version of your article.


Still reading? We’re glad you’re with us! We look forward to seeing what you have to share on JustBeer.

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