The Guiness Black & Green

This recipe calls for a lambic beer in place of cider; a lambic beer is a Belgian-style ale made with wild yeasts…if you want to read more about lambic beers, click here. The result is a slightly sour, super effervescent beer that’s a lot like champagne (not in the High Life way). All of the versions I’ve tried have been made with fruit making it great option to serve. Layer it with Guinness and it’s a great conversation piece, too. Like your froth moustache.


My favorite Guinness & Lambic mix is with Framboise (raspberry). Tastes like those Brach’s caramel chews in the pink wrapper … Ughhh. Did they have Brach’s on the West Coast? I digress. This is about Black & Green. So, apple it is.


What you’ll need:*

  • Draught-Style Can of Guinness
  • Bottle of Lindemans Pomme/Apple Lambic
    (found in most liquor stores and Whole Foods beer sections)
  • Pint glass
  • Spoon
    *Novelty Leprechaun optional


STEP 1: Fill the glass halfway with Lambic.


STEP 2: Hold your spoon just over the inside of glass, curved side up. Slowly pour the Guinness over the spoon (this helps dissipate the weight and float more easily). Look at you go, you’re a pro.


STEP 3: Party like it’s 1999.


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