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Advertise with Us – Boost Sales & Bring Traffic to Your Brand

Looking to drive sales and get more foot traffic to your brewery, restaurant, pub, or liquor store? Advertise your business, reach your target audience and expand your brand with JustBeer

Advertise with Us – Boost Sales & Bring Traffic to Your Brand

Whether you’re a brewery, restaurant, pub, liquor store or any other beer-centric brand, advertising on JustBeer gets your business seen by more people in your city. Our readers are local craft beer consumers at all stages of the purchasing chain. Some JustBeer users come to research and learn, others are bargain buyers seeking a good deal. Most are craft beer gurus who eagerly seek out new breweries, new beer styles, and novel experiences.

We offer multiple online advertising options for brands looking to reach local communities including display ads, sponsored content, and other custom campaigns based on the needs of our clients.


JustBeer Traffic & Audience

JustBeer’s audience demographics are beer lovers around the world. They’re affluent, social, intelligent and they come to JustBeer to learn about beer, discover new trends, find events, and to rate, save, and follow updates from popular local brands.


JustBeer promotes local breweries, craft beer, beer education, personalized recommendations and responsible drinking.


Advertise Your Business – Breweries, Liquor Stores, Restaurants, Pubs, & Others

Sponsored Articles for Your Brand
Tell Your Story & Build Your Brand with JustBeer

Do you have an event coming up and you need to get the word out? Maybe you have a new beer release and you need to let the beer community know! Opening up a new location or rebranding? Let us be a part of your marketing campiagn!

Marketing your business isn’t always easy, but advertising is an essential tool in building brand awareness. So, tell our audience what makes your business different than your competitors. Tell them about your beers, your story, and your people; all vital elements of your brand! You’ve build it, now work with JustBeer to share it and get people excited about your business and attract more customers in the process.

Work with JustBeer and connect with our audience.


Display Ads – Great for:
  • New Beer Releases
  • Events, Promotions & Special Offers
  • Corporate Updates & Press Releases
  • Increasing Local Brand Awareness
  • Boosting Traffic to Your Site or Event Page


Local Advertising for Breweries & Beer

Target, Reach, and Attract New Customers From Your City

Everyday people are all bombarded by advertisements which can be mostly irrelevant to their personal interests. Irrelevant ads are largely ignored one after another after another. However, advertising on JustBeer is different than many other platforms for three reasons:

1) Local – We show your ads to a local audience
2) Beer Lovers – That local audience also LOVES BEER (so your advertising is relevant)!
3) Big & Beautiful Ads – we feature your brand with premium ad sizes which stand out and are eye catching.


Effective Advertising is About Relevance

People will listen (and show up) if you’re providing something which they feel is valuable and relevant to them. We don’t see JustBeer as platform for advertisers to push sales, we see it as a way to present relevant local options to our readers.


Premium Ad Sizes = Maximum Impact

Does it drive you nuts when you see your ad on a website…but it’s SUPER TINY?! Like, you can barely read it? Us too! So we made the ads for JustBeer large and integrated. We want your ads to catch our reader’s attention which is why we work with our advertisers to create the most compelling ads possible.

Please note, JustBeer also offers select classic ad sizes for the best integration with your existing digital advertising campaigns.


JustBeer Ad Specs & Sizes
Type Ad Name Size
Premium Super 1920×192
Premium Mobile Super 960×192
Premium Billboard 970×250
Classic Leaderboard 728×90
Classic Mobile Leaderboard 320×50
Classic Medium Rectangle 300×250



No Ad Creative?

No Problem – We Design Ads Too

Our Ad Operations team can help you create your advertising should you require that. To get started, we just need to understand your campaign idea and your business goals. Then we can work together to craft a campaign that meets your needs including the ad creative.

Note: we offer 2 rounds of Ad composite proofs; additional designs are charged at an hourly rate of $100/h. Contact us for more details, or speak with your account manager.


Customized Advertisement Packages

More than just ads

If you’re seeking a multi-point marketing campaign and more eyes on your business, work with our team to curate a customized advertising campaign. Our packages allow you to create a comprehensive marketing campaign through an array of advertisement options from display ads, sponsored content, promoted brand and product placements, and extended reach on our social channels. We work with businesses like yours to achieve a solution-oriented campaign that yield the best results possible.

Tell us your goals, and let’s boost your reach together.


For more information about advertising on JustBeer


Contact Our Team


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