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Andre the Giant Minis a Molson Can of Beer

Have you seen the tiny can of Molson Canadian in Andre the Giant’s hand? Well, it’s a full sized beer can in an oversized hand. At first glance you’ll think it’s been photoshopped, but it’s the real thing!

Andre the Giant Minis a Molson Can of Beer

Andre the Giant and Molson the Beer Can
Fact or Fiction?

Like something out of a children’s book, there’s a larger than life story you’d swear must be fiction. It’s not. The claim that a photo of Andre the Giant holding a full sized can of beer is not photoshopped and it’s not a myth. The size of the can of beer was 12oz and Andre’s hands really were that big. How big was he? According to WWE archives, the pro-wrestler weighed in at 520 lbs and 7’4”. Is that a mini can? Nope, its a regular-sized can. Today Molson Canadian beer is served in a 355 mL can, which is the exact same size as the can André René Roussimoff (his real name) is holding. If you wamt some perspective, put a can of beer in your own hand and see what it looks like compared to this photo!

Professional Wrestling: Closeup portrait of hand of Andre The Giant Roussimhoff holding Molson Canadian beer can during photo shoot at his Le Picher restaurant. Montreal, Canada 8/5/1981 CREDIT: Stephen Green-Armytage (Photo by Stephen Green-Armytage /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (Set Number: X25898 TK1 R11 F13 )

Source: Did the Photo of Andre the Giant Holding the Beer Can Come From?

Andre the Giant was a professional wrestler for what used to be called the World Wrestling Federation, now the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). For this reason, he appeared in the December 21, 1981 issue of Sports Illustrated with a full article of 9.5 pages plus the two-page photo spread at the beginning of the article. Photographer Stephen Green-Armytage said he wanted to find an object to put in Andre’s hand that most people could relate to.

How Much Beer Could Andre the Giant Drink?

How much could he drink? The answer is simple; more than the average person. (duh). His alcohol consumption was legendary. Reports vary from person to person, but many claim to have seen him drink over 150 beers (just shy of a full sized keg of beer) or several bottles of wine. In an interview with David Letterman, he admitted to drinking 117 beers in one sitting. During the interview he stated that he had quit 14 months prior to the interview but and felt much better after quitting. In fact, he trimmed down to 470 lbs from 560! Though he did admit that he still had some white wine with dinner. When we think of having wine with dinner, we think a glass or two. Not Andre. It would take 2 or 3 bottles for him over dinner. Here’s the full Letterman interview:

Quick Facts About Andre the Giant

  • Born May 19, 1946. Died January 27, 1993
  • His size was a result of gigantism, caused by the pituitary gland over producing growth hormone
  • He wore a size 20 shoe
  • By the time he was 12 years old, he was 6’3” and weighed about 230 lbs
  • He owned a restaurant in Montreal
  • In 1987 he starred in The Princess Bride
  • In 1988 he battled Hulk Hogan in the legendary Wrestlemania IV. Both wrestlers were disqualified for hitting each other with metal chairs

So there you have it! The legend is true. Often called the 8th Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant, with his extra large hands, held a full sized can of beer that made it look like a mini.

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