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Answers to Questions About Beer You’re too Afraid to Ask

From “why does beer make my farts smelly” to “is it rude to send my beer back if I don’t like it?” – we answer you weird, embarrassing and burning questions about beer that you might be too afraid to ask!

Answers to Questions About Beer You’re too Afraid to Ask

Whether you’re a new beer lover, a senior beer geek, or just a total beer snob, we all have a few weird or even embarrassing questions about beer that we may need to clear our browser history after looking up. To save you the multiple Google searches, we’ve compiled a list of all the questions about beer that you may be too afraid to ask to make it easy on you. No need to be embarrassed, friends. This is a safe space and we just want you to be a well-informed beer drinker. So go ahead and dive in. We promise, we won’t tell a soul.


Answers to Embarrassing Questions about Beer that You Might Have


Does beer make you gain weight?

Yes, beer can make you gain weight. The term “beer belly” doesn’t exist for nothing. However, keep in mind that as long as you are drinking in moderation and getting a good amount of physical activity daily, a couple beers here and there shouldn’t have a drastic impact on your weight.


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Why does beer make you fart?

Beer is carbonated, so naturally, it makes you gassy. Which end that gas comes out of your body varies. Beer makes some people the king of belching and others make you toot more than a horn. Drinking beer causes a build up of carbon dioxide in your stomach and gut, and it even causes a build up of yeast in the intestinal tract as well, so that’s why it can make you especially gassy after a good night at the bar.

Why does beer make your farts smellier?

Feel like your farts are extra pungent after a good ol’ beer? Well, that’s because beer contains sulfates. Chemicals that contain sulfur are found in the ingredients of beer like malt, yeast, DMS, and hops. Sulfur doesn’t have the most pleasant odor, which is why your farts can come out with a little extra tinge.


How do you stop beer from making you gassy?

This one’s easy! Drink water. Although, there’s no way to 100% foolproof way to stop beer from creating gas (you are drinking a carbonated drink after all), you can lessen the amount of gas that is expelled from your body by drinking tons of water before, after and in between beers. (It’ll also stop you from getting a gnarly hangover!)

Why does beer give me the runs?

If you get the runs after drinking beer, we can tell you why. Alcohol causes faster digestion and when you digest too fast, well, it can cause diarrhea. Drinking alcohol can annoy your intestines and cause them to speed up digestion. The muscles in your colon will start to contract more frequently and push poop out faster than usual. And fast poops = diarrhea since your intestines aren’t able to digest the passing food properly since its coming out too fast.


If I don’t like my beer, is it rude to give it back?

Nope! Most of the time brewers, beer masters, and bartenders want you to enjoy your beer. So, asking to switch to another beer isn’t rude. However, to avoid doing this too often (or at all) ask your server for a recommendation based on what you like or try a beer flight!

Not sure what type of beer you like? Here’s how to find a beer you’ll actually like.


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