Are Shower Beers Actually Good For You? 6 Best Beers to Drink in the Shower

A cold beer and a hot shower. It’s a match made in heaven. But can shower beers actually benefit your health or is this some cruel ploy to get us to drink beers in the shower? Either way, it’s working.

Are Shower Beers Actually Good For You? 6 Best Beers to Drink in the Shower

If you’ve never cracked open a cold one in the shower, are you really living? Shower beers are possibly the most underrated form of drinking beer. Drinking a cold beer while hot water pours down your back is a feeling and experience that cannot be matched.


What is a Shower Beer?

What does “shower beer” even mean? A shower beer is a brew you drink in the shower to either save time before you go out and drink more, or it is a way to relax after a long day. Your choice of beer can be anything from Guinness to Alexander Keith’s IPA, as long as you’re drinking it in the shower; it’s a shower beer.


Are Shower Beers Good For You?

Shower beers have been blowing up the internet, with many reports saying that drinking in the shower is the best way to consume your beer. We know that studies have shown showers can help people relax, focus, and boosts creativity, but is there any scientific evidence that beers in the shower can also help?

Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth of NYC Surgical Associates, states that drinking beer in the shower has actually been proven to improve productivity by releasing dopamine, which assists your “creative juices” to flow. Shower beers are also known to relax the mind to help reduce stress.


Does drinking beer in the shower get you drunker?

Unfortunately, we’d have to say that this is a myth. Drinking beer in the shower does not get you drunker than drinking beer regularly, however, it is more relaxing.


5 Benefits to Drinking Beer in the Shower: Why do people drink beer in the shower?

1. Shower beers can boost your mood.
Studies have shown that a shower can increase serotonin in the brain, which can put people in happier moods. Studies have also shown that beer does the same. Put beer and showers together and you’ll instantly be in a better mood.

2. Shower beers are refreshing.
Nothing like a cold beer trickling down your throat while warm water trickles down your back.

3. Shower beers save time.
Got home late from work and you’ve got a bunch of things to do before going out with your friends? Cue the shower beer. Shower beers allow you to save time by drinking while getting ready. You’ll never be late again!

4. It’s ok if you accidentally spill your beer.
It’s usually heartbreaking if you spill a beer, but in the shower, it doesn’t matter! While it is still sad to watch your favourite beer go down the drain, make the most of it and jump around in the beer puddles. You can also practice your beer shotgunning skills in there without worrying about a mess.

5. You’re multitasking.
When you drink your beer in the shower, you’re killing two birds with one stone. You’re getting drunk and clean. You might as well kill three birds and pee in there too.


PangPang Brewery Releases a Beer Brewed Solely for Drinking In the Shower

Shower Beer is a collaboration brew between Snask and PangPang Brewery. It was hand-brewed in Hökarängen, Sweden. The idea behind the shower beer was that Snask and PangPang wanted something bigger than beer. They wanted a concept that could take the world by storm. A beer that could kickstart the night as you power-up in the shower, listening to “Dressed For Success” on repeat. Some grown-ups take a “disco nap.” But disco is dead and modern adults drink Shower Beer.

PangPang Brewery describes their beer as “an Extra Pale Ale dry hopped with enough Citra to double as a hair conditioner.” Shower Beer is a sweet but strong pale ale in a petite 18 cl small bottle, easy to grip and delightful to gulp in three sips while showering and getting ready for a night out. Whether you’re going to a bar alone or a show with your friends, it’s 100% effective in getting your night started on the right (so fresh and so clean) foot.

Click here to pre-order your case of Shower Beer.



5 More Great Beers for Drinking in the Shower


Belgian WhiteShock Topshock-top-shower-beer-justbeer

Shock Top has shaken up traditional tastes by brewing a spiced Belgian-style wheat ale with real orange, lemon and lime peels and then added a little coriander spice to the mix. This uniquely-crafted and award-winning wheat beer is unfiltered to create a brew that is naturally cloudy with a light golden colour and a smooth, refreshing finish. Shock Top Belgian-style wheat ale’s flavour seems to be amplified in the steam of a hot shower.
ABV%: 5


Castaway IPAKona Brewing Companycastaway-shower-beer-justbeer

Take a sip of this copper-coloured India Pale Ale in the shower and you’ll taste bold, citrusy hops with a touch of tropical mango and passion fruit, balanced by the rich caramel malts. Castaway IPA has a clean, crisp finish that’s just the refreshing feel you need before a night out.
ABV%: 6


Coors LightMolson Coorscoors-light-shower-beer-justbeer

A Coors Light is a classic shower brew. Thanks to its Rocky Mountain heritage, uncompromising brewing standards and its dedication to ice-cold refreshment, Coors Light is one of the fastest-growing light beers around the world. The best part about drinking Coors Light in the shower? It’s ok if you get some water or soap in your bottle or can… the flavour won’t change much. If you really can’t stand to sip on Coors Light, try a Coors Banquet.
ABV%: 4.2


Shower BeerChampion Brewing Companyshower-beer-justbeer

This Bohemian Pilsner is perfect for any relaxing occasion. It is fresh with a clean maltiness, spicy flavour and aroma contributions from 100% traditional Czech Saaz hops. Aged cold on Lager yeast for weeks for maximum refreshment. If you’ve never had a Shower Beer, now is the time.
ABV%: 4.5 | IBU: 35


SummerfestSierra Nevada Brewing Companysummerfest-shower-beer-justbeer

Summerfest is a crisp summertime lager. With a nod toward the original Czech tradition, Summerfest is brewed to feature the best of Bohemian nature. Crisp, golden, dry and incredibly drinkable, Summerfest has a delicate and complex malt flavor and spicy and floral hop character—the perfect shower beer.
ABV%: 5 | IBU: 28


It is important to know that the negative effects of drinking irresponsibly will not simply disappear by consuming alcohol in the shower. Please drink responsibly.


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