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Be Your Own Bartender with “ProTap” Beer and Wine Dispenser

No more wasted leftover wine! Introducing ProTap, the at-home refrigerated beverage dispenser that turns YOU into a professional bartender. This handy wine gadget is everything you need.

Be Your Own Bartender with “ProTap” Beer and Wine Dispenser

What is ProTap?

ProTap is an all-in-one drink dispenser that will keep your drinks fresh and cold. No more house parties chilling drinks with ice in the sink! Entertain with ease as this ProTap beverage dispenser takes your house party to the next level. Now you can serve your family and friends perfectly chilled white wine straight from your kitchen counter with no icy mess.


How Does the ProTap Draft Beer, Wine, and Cold Beverage Dispenser Work?

It’s easy! Put your favourite wine bottle, growler, premixed beverage (margarita, mai tai, daiquiri, etc.) or soda bottle into the ProTap. Fit the appropriate adaptor (there are 6 adaptors included in the package), let it chill, then you are ready to serve. The ProTap uses CO2 pressure just like in a regular bar, so it can also keep your wine tasting fresh for 10 to 14 days.

ProTap means no more wasted wine – Hooray!


Why should you invest in ProTap Draft Beer, Wine, and Cold Beverage Dispenser?

ProTap does the work of 6 separate machines with the convenience of having everything you need all in one easy machine. The six included adaptors are all you will ever need to fit pretty much any beverage bottle on the market. There are no additional supplies that you need to purchase. Just pick your favourite wine, beer or soda and get serving!

Check out ProTap’s Kickstarter campaign right here!


*Editor’s Update: ProTap Kickstarter Funding*

The ProTap Draft Beer, Wine, and Cold Beverage Dispenser failed to meet its funding goal of $457,440. Why?

“We didn’t really understand how Kickstarter really works.” — Dax and Lindsey – The ProTap Team

The amount they raised on Kickstarter for ProTap was $9,395. However, they still believe it’s a great product and say they will be back after more market research!


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