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Beau’s Announces Plans for 6th Annual FeBREWary Celebration

Beau’s All Natural has announced details of the sixth annual edition of FeBREWary, a month-long celebration of beer that will feature five beer releases and various events starting the week of January 30th.

Beau’s Announces Plans for 6th Annual FeBREWary Celebration

Four new beers and one returning favourite will be released over the course of the month, including the following:

  • Week of January 30th: Triceratops Tripel (9% abv) – “strong Belgian-style golden ale brewed with a gruit mixture of heather flowers, lavender and bog myrtle”.
  • Week of February 6th: Farm Table: Dunkel (5.7% abv) – “roasty and rich flavours of mocha and chocolate are paired with the signature clean finish of the lager style”.
  • Week of February 13th: Iron Shirt (6.8% abv) – “pale ale made with Vidal ice wine grapes and aged on oak and vodka”, a collaboration with Montréal’s Brasserie & Distillerie Oshlag as part of Beau’s Ottawa 2017 series.
  • Week of February 20th: Blood Simple (5.3% abv), “Belgian-style witbier with characteristic citrus and spice, accented with the addition of organic blood orange juice, orange peel and cacao”.
  • Week of February 27th: Tyrannosaurus Gruit (5.8% abv), “red herbal ale brewed with Québec-grown beets, hibiscus flowers, juniper berries and locally foraged spruce tips”.

All of the FeBREWary beers will be available in 600 ml bottles at the Beau’s retail store and approximately 75 retail locations in Quebec, and on draught at over 250 bars and pubs across Ontario and Quebec. There will also be FeBREWary events taking place each weekend in February at the Beau’s brewery in Vankleek Hill, featuring brewery tours, food pairings and more.

For more details, see the FeBREWary microsite on the Beau’s website.

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