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The Best Craft Beer and Food Pairings for Christmas Dinner

Craft beer is a great partner for many of your favourite Christmas dishes. Check out the best beer pairings for Christmas dinner.

The Best Craft Beer and Food Pairings for Christmas Dinner

Looking for a good beer to pair with Christmas dinner? Whether you’re having a traditional Christmas turkey or you’re spicing it up with other Christmas dinner menu items, there’s always a beer style that’ll enhance both the food you are eating and the beer you are drinking.


What do you drink with Christmas dinner?

While many people prefer a glass of wine with Christmas dinner, beer pairs just as well! If you’re looking for a good wine for Christmas, check out What wine to pair with Christmas Dinner.


Here are perfect beer style pairings for your Christmas dinner. We’ve added a light beer option and one dark beer option, depending on what tickles your fancy. Pick your favourite and get into the holiday spirit!


Quick Beer Pairing Guide for Christmas Dinner


What is the best Christmas beer?
Christmas Beer Recommendations

If you’re looking for a Christmas beer recommendation, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite Christmas ales/beers to match with your dinner.


What beer goes best with Christmas turkey?

A brown ale is the perfect beer pairing for a roast turkey. However, if you prefer something a little lighter, we recommend trying a Pale Ale.

Christmas Brown Ale Recommendations: Big Rock Brewery’s Traditional Ale (Alberta, CAN), Goose Island Beer Co.’s Festivity Ale (Illinois, USA), Heineken’s New Castle Brown Ale


What beer goes best with ham for Christmas?

If you have a delicious ham on the menu for Christmas dinner, try an Irish Red Ale to match. If you prefer something lighter, we recommend an Imperial Pale Ale.

Christmas Irish Red Ale Recommendations: Wallace Brewing Company’s RedLight (Idaho, USA), Pumphouse Brewery Fire Chief’s Red Ale (New Brunswick, CAN), Guinness Kilkenny


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