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The Best Beer and French Fry Pairings — How to Pair Fries with Beer

It is a known fact that beer goes well with fries. Here are some great beer and french fry pairings as well as some ideas if you need a little twist on the classic.

The Best Beer and French Fry Pairings — How to Pair Fries with Beer

French Fries & Beer Pairings – So Hoppy Together

It’s no doubt french fries are a staple food. You’ll note that many countries where fries are a popular menu item also have a burgeoning beer culture. Coincidence? We think not! It is because they go so well together.

Fries and beer make the perfect pair because the natural sweetness of the potato is enhanced by the malts in the beer. Beers with a crisp flavour will cut through the fattiness of the frying and the oils, while rich beers will speak to the earthy texture.

How To Pair Beer With French Fries


Classic French Fries & Beer Pairing:

You can never go wrong with classic shoestring french fries as your side order. If you’re wanting to pair with a bucket of fries, try an American Pale Lager. Pale lagers like this will compliment the saltiness of your potatoes, instead of overpowering them.

American Pale Lagers You Will Love:
Powder Mountain LagerWhistler Brewing Company
Premium LagerPump House Brewery



Beer & Curly Fries Pairing:

Curly fries are always a great order when you’re looking to shake things up a bit, and go with something other than a classic. Witbiers with strong citrus and spice flavours, like coriander and oranges, pair great with a basket of curly fries. The spicyness of your witbier will accentuate the flavours in the seasoning salt on your fries.

Witbiers To Try:
JoufflueArichibald Microbrasserie
Partidgeberry BelgianBig Axe Brewery


Fries with Gravy / Poutine & Beer Pairing:

A wide variety of beers pair well with gravy and poutine. A great partner would be to pair your poutine with a pale ale. The bitterness of pale ales cuts right through the fatty ingredients of gravy, while the malty sweetness balances well with the salty flavours.

Must-Try Pale Ales:
The Griz Pale AleFernie Brewing Company
BurnabarianDageraad Brewing


More Beer & French Fry Pairings


Pair Beer-Battered Fries with a Pilsener


Pair Fries with Gravy with a Belgian Strong Dark Ale


Pair a Poutine with a Brown Ale


Pair Spicy Fries with an IPA


Serving of fries
Image by: Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash



How To Make The Best Crispy Fries


The Main Ingredient – Potatoes

Potatoes! You can try using different types of potatoes (like sweet potatoes, for example) for a change of pace and flavour. If you want to go on the healthier side: use less oil and bake them in the oven. If you coat the french fries with oil, they will still come out with about the same crispiness as if you fried them.


The Cut

While the batonnet or allumette cut is the most popular and the classic French way the American cousin changes faces and can be found in a variety of cuts from curls/spirals to waffle, crinkle or tornado cut. If you like a thicker cut, go for steak fries.


The Spice

Variety is the spice of life and while simple fries can be made with just salt, you can also sprinkle on some pepper, cajun spice, cayenne pepper, paprika, oregano, garlic powder or basil. Play around and develop your own fry recipe to your tastes.


The Condiments

You can go the usual route with ketchup, vinegar or mayo, but you can also try ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, honey mustard or a cheese dipping sauce for a little change.


What ELSE goes great with fries?
A Beer Float! Here are 9 great beer float ideas.


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