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Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day is celebrated on January 24th. How are you celebrating Beer Can Appreciation Day this year?

Beer Can Appreciation Day

In honour of the beer can’s creation over 80 years ago, we celebrate:


Beer Can Appreciation Day!


Image by: Cinco Resources Inc.

Why? Well let’s get into some beer facts.

Did you know: The original beer cans did not have a pop top? Beers used to be opened with a tool called a Church Key. It wasn’t until 1963 that our modern day pull-tabs were invented.

Imagine trying to can-open your way into your 6th or 7th beer of the night back in the day—what a pain!? I guess that’s why they invented Crowlers, a big 32 ounce can, poured on site, and meant to keep beer fresh when you take it home.


Celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day:

As if you needed an excuse to crack a nice cold brew. But on this day in particular it’s a great excuse to drink a can of your favourite beer. The question is…if you didn’t post about it on social media, did it really happen? #BeerCanAppreciationDay

This is also a great opportunity to start a beer can wall collection. Growing up my dad had a Coke can collection. The whole neighborhood knew about it and he had cans from all over the world. Beer cans have some pretty beautiful art and awesome designs, so use today to start your collection.


More ways to show your beer can appreciation:


Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day! If you’re choosing not to celebrate, read these articles instead:

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