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Beer Can Pokemon Creations

Japanese artist, Makaon has been meticulously shaping, bending, and crafting aluminum cans — mostly Japanese beer cans — into some of the most iconic Pokémon.

Beer Can Pokemon Creations
Artist: Makaon

Makaon is well-known for his many aluminum-can artworks which include gaming characters, pop culture icons, and cultural/religious idols; however, with all of the current fanaticism around PokemonGo, it seems timely and appropriate to really showcase his Pokemon creations.


Here are Makaon’s Beer Can Pokemon Creations:


1. Beer Can Bulbasaur

aluminum beer can artwork art with bulbasaur


2. Charmander made of Cans

aluminum beer can pokemon art charmander


3. Ekans Canssss Can

aluminum beer can ekans pokemon makaon art creation recycling project


4. Gold Gengar

aluminum beer can gold gengar by makaon japanese artist


5. Oddish

aluminum beer can artwork recycling of oddish pokemon


6. Pikachu

aluminum beer can pokemon creation of pikachu by japanese artist makaon


8. Squirtle

aluminum beer can creation pokemon squirtle by japanese artist makaon



Want to see more of Makaon’s art?



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