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5 Best Holiday Beer Cocktail Recipes for the Christmas Season

You’ve got a fully stocked bar with all the fixings for your holiday party now here are some beer cocktails to serve up which will make your party merry and bright.

5 Best Holiday Beer Cocktail Recipes for the Christmas Season

Campari IPA Recipe

The Campari IPA from BBC Good Food is full of beautiful Christmas colours and only takes 5 minutes to whip up. The secret is in the little orange peel trick at the end and be sure to choose your favorite IPA.

Campari IPA
Image by: BBC Good Food


Maple Bourbon Shandy Recipe

This sweet Maple Bourbon Shandy recipe from 80Twenty may be served on ice, but it is designed to keep you nice and toasty by the fireplace with great warming ingredients like maple syrup, coffee, bourbon, and beer, of course. In the recipe, they use Samuel Adams Boston Lager which is pretty readily available but feel free to experiment with your own local lager.

Image by: 80Twenty


The Black Velvet Recipe

This holiday season take things up a notch. Instead of your standard Black & Tan upgrade to the Black Velvet using that sparkling you have around for the holiday season. We liked Salt & Wind‘s added touch of some maraschino cherries to make it real pretty for your holiday party.

Black Velvet Cocktail
Image by: Salt & Wind


The Hop Collins Recipe

This beer lovers twist on a Tom Collins from Turbo Tap USA is a party favourite. For those of you who love India Pale Ales and Gin well, this will quickly become your new drink of choice.

The Hop Collins
Image by: Yahoo


Dirty Snowman Recipe

The Dirty Snowman is a little fancier than your standard party cocktail, but Porch Drinking had the right idea with this decadent delight. Once the guests are gone, grab those leftover gingerbread cookies and mix this drink up for the post-party wind-down. The sugar rush will give you just enough energy to clean everything up and then between the sugar crash, cognac and the Schwarzbier you’ll be ready to get some zzzzs in no time.

Porch drinking dirty Snowman
Image by: Porch Drinking



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