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Beer Drinking In Canada: Statistics

Here is a quick look at beer consumption statistics in Canada and around the world, including other trends happening in the Canadian beer industry.

Beer Drinking In Canada: Statistics

We all know that Canadians like to drink beer and that’s why Canadian brewers have been stepping up their game. The number of breweries in Canada has grown exponentially over the years. At the end of 2010, there were only 310 licensed breweries in Canada. It grew to 644 by the end of 2015, which was an increase of 107.74%! The Canadian craft beer industry is developing rapidly, this means there are a heck of a lot more beers to drink now than there were 10 years ago – which is great for us beer lovers. Here are some other statistics about beer in Canada


Canadian Beer Statistics


Annual Consumption of Beer in Canada:

How much beer do Canadians drink annually?

On average, one Canadian drinks about 79 litres of beer in a year. Together, Canadians drink more than 22,700,000 hectolitres of beer. If you can’t even imagine how much beer that is, think of it as enough beer to fill at least 900 Olympic-size swimming pools (That’s A LOT!). Out of all that beer, Canadian-brewed beer accounts for 84% of this number. Click here to learn why the #DrinkLocal movement is so important.


Provincial Beer Consumption:

Which Canadian province drinks the most beer?

In 2018, it was stated that Canadians (of legal drinking age) drink roughly 210 and of beer a year. But what province sells and consumes the most brews? In 2018, Newfoundland and Labrador had the highest per capita consumption at 93.4 litres. In second place was Quebec, with 83.3 litres, followed by Prince Edward Island with 79.8 litres of beer. Surprisingly, Ontario had the lowest per capita consumption of all the Canadian provinces coming in at 69.1 litres.


Other Beer Statistics


Beer Consumption Around the World:

What country drinks the most beer?

You’re probably thinking that Canadians drink a lot of beer, but when it comes to annual consumption of beer internationally, Canadians only rank around 25th in the world. We’re just behind New Zealand and the U.K. So, which country consumes the most beer annually? Czech Republic! Czech Republic has an annual per capita consumption rate of roughly 142.4 litres.

What country statistically drinks the most alcohol?

Sometimes avid beer drinkers and lovers can forget that there are other types of alcoholic drinks… When it comes to overall alcohol consumption in a year, Belarus is the winner! The average Belarusian drinks roughly 17.5 litres of alcohol per year.


Green Stats: Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Are Canadians recycling beer cans and bottles?

On average, 99% of beer bottles and cans sold in Canada are returned — Which is awesome! Let’s try to get that number to 100%!


Beer Price Increases Are Brewing in Canada

Is beer statistically more expensive in Canada?

While the beer industry is increasing, unfortunately so are beer costs. In 2015, retail prices for beer in Canada increased by 4.9%. In January 2017, Molson Coors and AB InBev raised their selling prices by 2.4%. While brewers are trying to keep their price increases to a minimum, both companies said that higher costs are a reflection of the ongoing pressure on the beer industry. Although it’s sad to see beer prices being raised, we know beer lovers are still going to continue to buy their favourite brews – no matter what the cost.

When compared to beer in the United States, beer sold in Canada is significantly more expensive. On average a 24 pack in America will set you back roughly $20. The cheapest case of beer in Canada (not on sale) can usually be found in Quebec for about $26, while the most expensive will be found in the Northwest Territories with the inflated price of almost $57.


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