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The Best Snacks & Beer Pairings for This Year’s Superbowl Party

Whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday or Monday Night Football, this list of game day appetizers, desserts, and other snacks made with beer are totally worth a touchdown dance! These football tailgate snacks will have all your friends asking for the recipe.

The Best Snacks & Beer Pairings for This Year’s Superbowl Party

Superbowl LIV is right around the corner! Is it your turn to host the football game watch party? Or are you heading to the game early to have a tailgate barbecue? If you’re struggling to come up with a game day menu, JustBeer is here to help! Take your football party snacks to a whole new level by trying out some of these beer-themed game day snacks that will totally make the food the most memorable part of game day.

When is the Superbowl 2020?

Superbowl LIV will be held on Sunday, February 2nd. The San Francisco 49ers will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL.


The 12 Best Game Day Beer Snacks for a Football Party


What do you serve at a Superbowl Party?

Superbowl parties are what we look forward to at the beginning of the year because they feature our 3 favourite things: beer, food and football. Pizza is the most common food at a Superbowl party but if you’re the host this year and want to shake things up, there are a few options of super easy, yet delicious, snacks to serve at your super bowl party:

Finger Foods | Chicken Wings | Dips | Desserts


Football Tailgate Party Snacks That are Made with Beer:

These finger foods are perfect for any tailgate party! Make these snacks ahead of time and bring them with you to the game, or get out your tailgating bbq or stove top and whip up any one of these snacks in the parking lot of the stadium!

What is “tailgating”? How to throw a tailgate party?

A tailgate party or tailgating is when you have a party, usually in the parking lot of an arena or stadium, before a sporting event. The term “tailgate party” is used because you’re using your car/truck’s tailgate to hang out on or cook food on. Throwing a tailgate party is the perfect way to turn a sports game into an all day event. Be careful though, as some arenas and stadiums do not allow tailgating in their parking lots! Be sure to check with the location beforehand.


Beer Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

These Taste of Home Beer Jalapeno Poppers are so delicious, we bet you can’t pop just one! This recipe creates the perfect mix between spicy and savoury! Play around with different beer styles for different flavours. You can even try your own variation by stuffing the peppers with cooked chicken or beef.

Beers to pair with jalapeño poppers & other spicy foods:

When it comes snacks like jalapeño poppers, you’re going to want to pair them with a beer that compliments the cheesiness and the spiciness. This can be hard to do. Malt flavours in a Brown Ale, like Minhas Micro Brewery’s Lazy Mutt Alberta Brown Ale, will be sure to pair nicely because it won’t overpower the strong flavours in your popper. If you’re an IPA lover, go with something super hoppy, like Juicy Ford by Alvarado Street Brewery, to cut through and match well with the grease in your snack.


Hefeweizen Mozzarella Bites

You could savour each morsel or pop ’em right in your mouth, either way, these heavenly dough balls from The Beeroness are the bomb! The wheat beer in this recipe makes the dough light and airy. We promise that these beer-cheese bombs won’t last long.

Mozzarella cheese & beer pairing:

Do you have leftover wheat beer from your recipe? Pair your extra brews with these bites! Hefeweizens and pale wheat beers are great options to pair with mozzarella as they promise not to overpower those ooey-gooey flavours we know and love.


Nachos with Beer Cheese Recipe

Honestly Yum’s Beer Cheese Nachos are the perfect snack for a large group. So much goodness with such little effort! The classic dark flavour profile of Modelo Negra gives it such a wonderful flare. Top your nachos as instructed or add some of your nacho favourites for the ultimate nacho experience for your football party.

Cheesy nachos & beer pairings:

When you’re eating nachos, a lot of flavours can hit you at once. When looking for the perfect brew to pair with your cheesy nachos, look for a crisp lager that is adaptable enough to pair with all the flavours in your nachos. Try Landshark Lager brewed by Anheuser-Busch InBev.


Scallop Beer Fritters

You’ll be licking your fingers after you try these Scallop Fritters from Food & Wine. Pilsner beer is the secret ingredient to making the dough come out just right.

Beer & scallop pairings:

Bitter notes in an American IPA can balance out sweet flavours in your beer scallop fritters. Ballast Point Brewing Company’s Sculpin is the perfect brew to pair with scallops. Its lemon notes are a great match to any seafood.


Soft Pretzels Made with Beer

Lina Kulchinsky of Sigmund Pretzel Shop, and her recipe for beer soft pretzels are perfect for any game day! The Pale Ale used in this soft pretzel recipe is the key ingredient to make them light and fluffy. You can keep the pretzels traditional by serving them plain, but if you’re looking to “jazz” things up, try topping them with sea salt & pepper, pumpkin seeds or cheese.

Beers to pair with soft pretzels:

Pair your German-inspired soft pretzels with a German Pilsner. The clean and crisp flavours in your pilsner will be the perfect compliment to this bread-y snack. Try a Washington Gold by Aslan Brewing Company or Brauerei Fahr’s A Little Too Fahr Pilsner.


Spicy Beer Shrimp Recipe

These Spicy Beer Shrimp from Chocolate Moosey are so good and hot you’ll want to cheer on your favourite team just to cool your mouth down. Play around using different styles of beer too find the flavour you enjoy most!

How to pair beer with shrimp:

A zesty wheat beer is going to pair great with these spicy shrimp. The zesty flavours of a wheat beer is going to compliment shrimp’s flavours while cutting through the spiciness in this recipe. Try Stanley Park Brewing’s SunSetter Summer Ale.

Beer Chicken Wing Recipes Perfect for any Football Game Watch Party:

It’s not a true game day party without some finger-lickin’ chicken wings! The great thing about chicken wings is that you can do so much with them and the flavour possibilities are endless, making them the perfect snack to pair with beer.


Beer Braised Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings Recipe

These chicken wings are unlike any chicken wings you’ve ever had. These hot and sweet wings from Sugar Dish Me are just the right touch. They are the perfect sweet and spicy combo to get your game off to a great start.

How to pair your beer with sweet and spicy flavours:

If you’re wanting to cut through the spice of your sriracha wings, pair them with a Czech Pils, like a Pacific Pilsner from Pacific Western Brewing Co. If you’re looking to balance out the sweet flavours from the honey, pair it with a Berliner Weisse, like Lil’ Red brewed by Parallel 49 Brewing.


Beer Brined Buffalo Wings

When you brine chicken, it brings out the juiciness your wings have to offer. This quick-brine of salt, beer and brown sugar will intensify the spicy in these buffalo wings. Don’t forget to serve them with blue cheese dressing and celery stalks!

Buffalo chicken wing & beer pairings:

The hop flavour in an India Pale Ale can play up the spice in your wings while the residual sugars in your beer will compliment them perfectly. Pair your buffalo wings with Big Rock Brewery’s Session IPA or Blindman Brewing’s Long Shadows India Pale Ale.

Not a fan of the above chicken wing flavours?
Learn how to pair your beer with any flavour of chicken wings!


Dips Made with Beer for Your Football Game Viewing Party:

Dips are parties are always a hit — especially when they’re made with beer! These cheesy beer dips can be eaten with bread, chips, or even veggies. Make these dips in advance and bring them to your next football tailgating party.

Beer-Caramelized Onion Dip

This delicious beer-caramelized onion dip made with your favorite IPA will be a hit at your next football tailgate or backyard barbecue. With flavours of onion, butter, and of course beer, everyone will be asking for the recipe.

How to pair beer with onion flavours:

When matching beer with a recipe where onions play a big role, you can never go wrong with a Pale Ale. Try a slightly hoppy pale ale, like Sierra Nevada’s flagship Pale Ale.


Cheddar Bacon Beer Dip Recipe

This cheesy, bacon beer dip is a recipe that promises to be a crowd favourite. Make it ahead of time in a slow-cooker or crock-pot to easily transport this dip to a tailgate party, a friends house, or just to your backyard. This dip is a total touchdown!

Cheddar & bacon beer pairings:

An IPA is the perfect brew to pair with anything that has bacon and cheese in it! The hops in an IPA will cut through any grease in your dip but ameliorate the flavours.

Football Game Day Desserts for the Beer Lover with a Sweet Tooth:

When thinking of football game snacks, sweet desserts don’t always come to mind but we promise you won’t regret making these sweet treats! Pair your beer with these recipes for the ultimate dessert experience.

Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows

Too much savoury at your football game party? Add a little sweetness with How Sweet Eats delicious Chocolate-Covered Beer Marshmallows. You’ll definitely be named MVP after your friends get a taste of this treat.

Beer & marshmallow pairing:

When it comes to pairing beer with food, marshmallows aren’t usually a first thought. If you’re looking for a beer to pair with something as sweet as these chocolate-covered marshmallows, go for a Belgian Quad, like Townsite Brewing’s Cardena. Notes of chocolate and dried fruits in a Quadrupel beer will add depth to your marshmallows covered in chocolate.


Oaktoberfest Peanut Brittle

Black Oak’s sweet and savoury peanut brittle uses their Oaktoberfest beer, but it doesn’t have to just be for Oktoberfest, any game or celebration is a good time to break out the brittle. This peanut brittle is perfect for anyone craving something sweet.

How to pair beer with peanut brittle:

If you’re looking for a boozy friend to pair with your crunchy brittle, try a Scotch Ale. This beer style is defined by malt flavours that are strong and smoky with a touch of sweetness. Try Boréale Scotch Ale du Nord the next time you’re biting down on some brittle!


Prefer to drink wine while watching football?
Score big with the best picks for snacks & wine on game day.


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