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Beer Styles 201 – Golden Lagers

An introductory guide to Golden Lagers; including appearance, flavour, aromas, pairings, and other general qualities you can expect to experience when drinking a golden lager.

Beer Styles 201 – Golden Lagers

Style: Golden Lager

Substyle/Region: Light Lager/North America Lager/North America

Appearance: This deep to light gold beer has variable head retention, but is always clear.

Flavor & Aroma: Golden Lagers tend to have a slight bitterness and herbal hop notes with a delicate grainy or sweet malt character.

Palate & Mouthfeel: Golden Lagers are highly carbonated with a light almost water-like body. They have little or no after-taste.

Food Pairings: This light-bodied beer is perfect with light foods like seafood, chicken salad, quesadillas and corn on the cob.

Comments: Golden Lagers and Golden Ales have similar colors and mouthfeels, but the difference is that Golden lagers are bottom-fermented at cooler temperatures.

Serving Suggestions: These beers should be served chilled around 46° F (8° C).

Similar Beer Styles: If you are looking for beers with similar carbonation, but a heavier mouthfeel try Blonde Ales or Pilsners. You can also try a Golden Ale.

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