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Beer Styles 201 – Strong Ales

Strong ales are known for their high alcohol content and come in a variety of colours from different places around the world.

Beer Styles 201 – Strong Ales

Style Name: Strong Ale

Substyle/Region: Substyles of Strong Ales include Barleywine from England and North America, Scotch Ale from Scotland and the Belgian Tripel.

Appearance: Strong Ales range from gold to amber and copper to dark brown. They have variable clarity and head retention.

Flavor & Aroma: Strong Ales tend to have a pronounced yeast character which makes them fruity or spicy. They are also exceptionally rich and flavorful with a bold malt character.

Palate & Mouthfeel: These beers tend to have a low carbonation, and warming qualities from the high alcohol content. Their finish is long and complex.

Food Pairings: The strong nature of these beers stand really well with lamb or strong cheeses. If you want dessert then it is perfect with crème brûlee or dark chocolate.

Comments: Strong Ales get their name from their high ABVs which usually range anywhere from 8-15% ABV.

Serving Suggestions: Strong Ales should be served at cellar temperature 50-55℉ (10-15℃) in a chalice, goblet, tulip or snifter glass.

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