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Beer Styles: What is a Cream Ale?

The ale that can be brewed with lager yeast. What is a cream ale? What do they taste like? Learn more about cream ales:

Beer Styles: What is a Cream Ale?

What is an American Cream Ale?

Cream ales are classified as an ale, but can be brewed with lager yeast.

Cream Ales are American beers that are brewed using cold lagering and a warm fermented yeast. Although cream ales are referred to as “ales”, they can be brewed using lager yeast.


Cream Ale Essential Information:


Style Region of Cream Ales:

North America

Appearance of a Cream Ale:

What colour are cream ale beers?

Cream ales often pour a pale/straw to golden colour (2-5 SRM). These beers typically have fast rising bubbles and a short finish.

Cream Ale Flavour & Aroma:

What do cream ales taste like?

Cream ales are not typically hoppy beers. They tend to have a low hop presence with a range of 10-22 IBU. These beers are also low in malt sweetness.

Palate & Mouthfeel:

Cream ales are light-bodied and carbonated beers.

Alcohol Content of Cream Ale:

Cream ales are light, low alcohol beers, typically containing an ABV of 4.3-5.7%.

What foods pair well with Cream ales?

Cream ales are a crisp and clean beer, so they pair well with a variety of foods. The best food pairings for a cream ale, however, are Monterey jack cheeses, lemon/custard flavoured desserts, shellfish, and salads.

How to serve a Cream ale

What temperature do you serve a cream ale?

Cream Ales are typically served in a flute glass. They are typically served at about 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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