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Beer Styles: What is a Fruit/Vegetable Beer

What is a fruit beer? Are fruit/vegetable beers their own beer styles? What does fruit beer mean? Learn all about fruit/vegetable beers”

Beer Styles: What is a Fruit/Vegetable Beer

What is a Fruit / Vegetable Beer?

Fruit beers/Vegetable beers are a little different than your typical beer style.

Fruit and veggie beers are pretty self-explanatory. Any time a fruit or vegetable is added to a beer, it classifies as a fruit/vegetable beer. You know those pumpkin beers that beer lovers go crazy for in the fall? Yep, those are fruit– well, vegetable beers.

However, fruit beers aren’t necessarily their own style. Vegetable/Fruity tasting beers are also a beer flavour profile. Fruit and vegetables can be added to your typical beer styles such as a pilsner, a wheat beer, a sour or a lager to make them possess a more sweet and fruit taste or profile. This is usually referred to as the “base beer”. So while a “Raspberry Wheat” is a fruit/vegetable beer, it’s also a wheat beer with a fruity flavour profile. We know, it can be a little confusing!


Why did brewers start adding fruit to beer?

To keep it simple, this “style” of beer was created mainly to attract non-beer drinkers to beer. Many beginner beer drinkers shy away from beer due to the taste. So the sweeter the beer tastes, the more likely the new beer drinkers are to try a beer and find a flavour profile that they like. We have a whole article on this! Read more about how to find a beer you’re gonna love, even if you don’t drink beer!

Additionally, brewers wanted to experiment with more flavours and compete with the popularity of the IPA. Whether you are an IPA lover or you completely hate them, you can’t deny that India Pale Ales are one of the most talked about beer styles, especially when it comes to craft beer. Different hop varieties and flavourings are what make this beer so appealing to beer drinkers. It’s spearheaded the launch of more fruity/vegetable-infused beers.


Fruit / Vegetable Beer Essential Information:


Appearance of a Fruit/Vegetable Beer:

They’re dependent on the base style, however, it may take to the slight shade of the fruit’s colour.

Fruit Beer Flavour & Aroma:

The flavour of the fruit (or vegetable) will be noticeable, but it won’t make the beer taste like juice. Typically, fruit and vegetables should not be overpowering to the base beer style’s taste.

Fruit/Vegetable Beer Palate & Mouthfeel:

You guessed it! Depends on the base beer. However, fruit creates a thinner body when added to beer.

Alcohol Content of Fruit/Vegetable Beer:

Dependent on the base beer style.

What foods pair well with Fruit/Vegetable Beers?

Dependent on the fruit or base beer style.

How to serve a Fruit/Vegetable Beer:

Dependent on the base beer.

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