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Beer Styles: What is a Pale Wheat Ale?

The American Hefeweizen. What is a pale wheat ale? Are pale ales wheat beers? Learn all about American Pale Wheat Ales.

Beer Styles: What is a Pale Wheat Ale?

What is an American Pale Wheat Ale?

Pale wheat ale aka the ‘American Hefeweizen.’

Pale Wheat Ales are essentially the American version of the German beer style, Hefeweizen. These golden, crushable beers are brewed using wheat as opposed to barley. They are quite light beers and contain smooth finish that tend to be a reason that they are a crowd favourite.


Pale Wheat Ale Essential Information:


Style Region of Pale Wheat Ales:

North America

Appearance of a Pale wHEAT Ale:

Pale wheat ales often pour a pale/straw to golden colour. These beers typically have a long lasting head.

Pale Wheat Ale Flavour & Aroma:

There is a wide variety of hop presence in Pale Wheat Ales with a low to high hop aroma. The high maltiness and ale yeast help balance the hop character (10-30 IBU). Pale wheat ales often contain flavours of banana or citrus notes, such as lemon, grapefruit or orange.

Palate & Mouthfeel:

Pale Ales are light to medium bodied with high carbonation. Due to the use of wheat instead of barley, pale wheat ales have a smooth and gentle finish.

Alcohol Content of Pale Wheat Ale:

Pale wheat ales are light beers, typically containing an ABV of 4-5%. However, some brewers have created Pale Wheat Ales with ABVs of up to 7%.

What foods pair well with pale Wheat ales?

Because Pale Wheat Ales often feature citrusy notes and are quite light, they make a great pairing partner for a wide variety of food. Pale Ales taste best with all kinds of cheeses, shrimp, burgers, and Asian cuisine.

How to serve a pale Wheat ale:

Pale Wheat Ales are typically served in a Pint Glass. Like other wheat beers and pale ales, they are typically served at about 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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