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Beer Styles: What is a Witbier?

What is a Belgian Witbier (White beer)? Learn all about the abv, ibu and flavour of a Belgian-style Witbier.

Beer Styles: What is a Witbier?

What is a Belgian Witbier?

Witbier means “white beer” in Dutch.

Belgian-style witbiers–which literally translates to “white beer” in English– are beers that are brewed using unmalted wheat, oats or malted barley. They are quite light beers and contain smooth finish that tend to be a reason that they are a crowd favourite.


Witbier Essential Information:


Style Region of Belgian Witbiers:


Appearance of a Witbier:

Belgian witbiers often pour a straw/white to pale yellow colour. These beers are usually hazy rather than clear.

Witbier Flavour & Aroma:

Belgian style witbiers typically have a low hop presence. These beers are not typically not very bitter and possess low hop aroma. A typical IBU of a Witbier is about 10-17. Additionally, witbiers are very low in malt and malt flavour. They often contain flavours of orange or citrus notes, such as lemon.

Beligan Witbier Palate & Mouthfeel:

Witbiers are dry bodied with high carbonation. Due to the use of wheat instead of barley, belgian style witbiers have a medium smooth finish.

Alcohol Content of Belgian Style Witbier:

Witbiers are light beers, typically containing an ABV of 4.8-5.6%.

What foods pair well with pale Wheat ales?

Because Witbiers often feature citrusy notes and are quite light, they make a great pairing partner for a wide variety of foods. Witbiers taste best with all kinds of cheeses, frites and panna cotta dessert.

How to serve a pale Wheat ale:

Witbiers are typically served in a Tulip Glass. Like other wheat beers, they are typically served at about 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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