Beer Costumes for Oktoberfest, Beerfest and Halloween

You too can be the life of the party with these awesome beer-themed Halloween costumes. From hops and beer pong, to logos and beer bottles; these costume ideas are the best!

Beer Costumes for Oktoberfest, Beerfest and Halloween

Beer—the best time of year! If you’re looking for a beer costume for your next event, look no further. We’ve put together some of our favourite beer costume ideas that will help make brew the life of any party or celebration.



The Best Beer Costume Ideas


The Oktoberfest Costume
For Guys (who wear Lederhosen) and
For Gals (who wear a Dirndl)


Oktoberfest Costume…With a Halloween Twist: A Bavarian Zombie, Ghost or Vampire!


Beer Box Hero Costume
Recycle, reuse, revolutionize beer boxes!


Hops, the Costume
(An essential beer ingredient)



Couples Costume: Beer Pong

Image by: DIY Projects by Big DIY Ideas



Beer Logo or Brand Costume
Be inspired by your favourite brewery or beer

Example: Shock Top Beer Logo Costume
Shock top Head
Image by: Coolest Homemade Costumes


A Play on Buzz Lightyear!
We’ve seen “Booze Light Beer”, “Bud Light Year” and “Buzz Light Beer” – take your pick and adjust your costume accordingly

Booze Light Beer
Image from: PInterest



Just be Beer: a Keg, Bottle or Glass of Beer Costume. The simplest options is sometimes the best!

It’s never too early to plan for your outfit! Who will you be this year; Captain 6pack? Mrs. Octoberfest? #beercostumes

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If you’re looking for more ideas, browsing last year’s latest and greatest costumes is a great way to get inspiration too check out the #beerhalloween or #beercostume hashtags on instagram. You may also like the post, Top 10 Halloween Costumes for People Who Love Beer


And don’t forget your best friend… the beer dog costume!

Image by: Noble Brewer


Get creative and drink responsibly!


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