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VIDEO: Solaris White Peach Ale by Phillips Brewing & Malting Company Beer Review

Dan Crocker, A.K.A. booze reviews, is the king of beer reviews. Watch Dan’s video below to find out if Phillips’ Solaris White Peach Ale is the brew you should bring to your next summer barbecue.

VIDEO: Solaris White Peach Ale by Phillips Brewing & Malting Company Beer Review
Here’s what Phillips Brewing & Malting Company had to say about the Solaris White Peach Ale:

“Unlock the summer secrets of the Beeramid! Bright & crisp with big juicy notes. Life’s a peach, drink it up!”


Does it taste as bright and colourful as the design of the can it comes in? Watch this special edition of Booze by the BBQ from Booze Reviews to find out.


Video: Phillips Brewing’s Solaris White Peach Ale Beer Review


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