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Our audience is comprised of 100% beer lovers who use our platform to discover the best beers to drink, breweries to visit, events to attend and more in their cities and around the world. They want to know what to drink, where to drink it and how to experience it in the best way possible.

We want to connect them to you.


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JustBeer’s Branded Content goes beyond traditional marketing and advertising. On our platform, it’s about connection.

Over 55% of our traffic comes from our users engaging with our article content. Our readers value our opinions and frequently use our platform to discover new brands and products. Which is why, we don’t want to just throw an ad on their screen that they’ll potentially click away from– we want to capture their attention and provide content that they can engage with. Our branded content is what connects our readers to a product, service, event or brand that they are going to love.

We use branded content is a way for you (the brand) to speak to directly to our audience (the consumers) in an engaging and authentic way.

Brands trust our team of content creators, editors, marketing strategists and graphic designers to utilize their expertise to curate impactful branded article content to maximize their reach. We push boundaries, build awareness, leverage the power of our niche and deliver results.

Why JustBeer?

Let us show you. Our media kit provides you with a complete view of our audience, offerings and work to help lay the foundation to building a marketing campaign with JustBeer.

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