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REVIEW: Brauerei Fahr

So the past couple of days I have been looking at a new brewery that is getting established in Alberta, Brauerei Fahr. For now they are running their operations out of Tool Shed Brewery in Calgary.

REVIEW: Brauerei Fahr

Brauerei Fahr will be a German beer brewery, so what does that mean? Well it means it will be going with the true style German beers, so you won’t be seeing any “IPA” or possibly any “sour” beers, you possibly could be seeing some Dunkels or some good Wheat beers though that will be in accordance with the German purity law of 1516 (yes there is a law that is 500 years old) even though they are being brewed in Alberta. Honestly this is one of the most interesting things I have heard, so I really wanted to check out this beer a little closer.

On Thursday, I did just that, I went to 1600 World Bier Haus in SW Calgary and I got myself a Fahr Away Hefeweizen beer, and let me say this beer is.. not was… IS amazing! I’ve been using the word “crushable” lately and this one is one of the beers that is just that, it is crushable! Not only is it a true Hefeweizen beer, but it also has a very wicked balance between a clove and banana flavor, the smell is just the same as the taste. It truly is a great patio beer that you can enjoy time and time again, giving some of the bigger German breweries a run for their money in this style! IF you ever see this beer on tap do yourself a favor do NOT pass this one up, buy it and just take the taste of the beer in, unless you don’t like the flavors of clove or banana, then… maybe you might want to pass on it!

Coming in at 5.3% ABV, this is a very sought after beer for the people who run taps in pubs, and in liquor stores, and this time of year it is selling even faster and understandably why!

Fahr Away Hefe, wow.. just... wow!
Image by: Dan Crocker


The Brewmaster

On Saturday, I got a chance to meet with Jochen, the Brewmaster and owner of the brewery. I have to say it was a wonderful visit and chat with him. His ideas for what he wants to do with his brewery is something you don’t really see anywhere else. As a self proclaimed perfectionist he knows what he wants out of his brewery and honestly good for him! I mean, while we were sitting there one of the owners of the restaurant came and talked to him. At one point he asked Jochen to make a White IPA, because he thinks he would just knock that style out of the park. As much as I tend to agree, I totally understood when Jochen said “No” to it, as it wasn’t a true German style of beer. I loved how he is sticking to his guns on this!

Jochen had his father grow up around breweries, and he pretty much followed in his footsteps. Jochen has quite the resume of different jobs. He finally landed in the world of brewing and he seems very happy in this life choice he has made, and rightfully so, he gets to share his talent and expertise, and all the things he has learned in his life with us. Needless to say I’m very excited to hear when he breaks ground to build his own brewery in Turner Valley, as he has got the perfect brewery that will suit him and his needs to keep us very happy.

There was one hard part about our meeting on Saturday, and I really can’t fault anyone as it was a comedy of errors in regards to getting our beer but we went and ordered his beer from the server, who brought us back an IPA at first from another brewery (granted it was on special and lots of people were ordering it) so we had to get her to take it back, then she brought us back the right beer but it didn’t smell or taste the way it should have, so we got her to pour us another two, and when she came back she did bring us the same beer, but as you see in the picture below… they sure did NOT look the same.

Beers from Brauerei Fahr
Image by: Dan Crocker

So we had to talk to her again in regards to this, we were joking around a bit about how she didn’t know who he was, but you can tell there was a bit of tension starting to build as this was his beer and he was feeling a little embarrassed and upset that they would do this. We did get our beers after a keg change and line flush and it was the same tasting beer I had on Thursday. We found out that there were a couple of keg changes while we were getting our beer so that is why there was a bit of a mix up and the beers were looking different. After all of this we managed to continue our conversation and really enjoyed the beer with a great couple of appetizers.

I’m honestly very excited to see his brewery come to life as a lot of people are asking for his beer and rightfully so. There is going to be a tester beer coming out soon that I will be trying, and you will be able to see that on my Facebook and Twitter pages June 30th!

As well Jochen will be part of the 100 L Dash, at Craft Beer Market on 10th St SW!

I wish him all the luck however with his beer he may not need any, unless he comes up against Banded Peak… Then that will be quite the battle!

So Alberta, watch for this brewery! If you want to learn more you can check out Brauerei Fahr on Just Beer.

For now I’m PK saying Stay Frosty and Cheers!

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